Friday, November 18, 2016

How My Daughter Celebrated her 12th!

She just turned 12!
Yesterday was one of the most awaited days not just for me but most of all for my daughter. She was doing the count down a few days before yesterday. We thought of different plans to celebrate her day but eventually, we boiled down to celebrate it with the whole class after their last subject yesterday.  

At home, we surprised her with the things she's into right now. The second book from she loves at the moment "Dan and Phil- Go Outside".  Some YouTuber from the UK she has been following. 

The reason behind the UK flag fondant cake design + the flag with a cash treat inside! :)

After the party at school, we went grocery shopping and the kids were treated by their Dad a get all you want grocery shopping treat they want. 
We head to Texas Joe's Ribs inside the Subic Bay for the birthday girl dinner. And she was given a birthday brownie-ala-mode also the staff greeted her with a birthday song and her birthday cake. 

It was our second time to experience the food at Texas Joe's and this time we enjoyed the food and might come back again soon. Some of the food we ordered last night. 

Spicy Pork Quesadillas 
Texas Joe sandwich with coleslaw sidings
Tennessee Trio, we ordered two of this with different sidings.
Brisket Sandwich
Thank you to all who sent their birthday greetings for my daughter and also we thank God for giving us, my daughter. More years and years of learning and adventures Anak and may your all your wish come true. We love you! :xoxo

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