Saturday, November 30, 2013

John Ford Coley live at Harbor Point Mall

There are songs that can bring you back in a certain time and a certain part of your life. These are the songs that you get to listen while you were growing up. 

Songs such as Its Sad to Belong, Gone too far, We'll never have to say Goodbye again, Love is the Answer and Nights are forever without you by John Ford Coley's songs are the music I hear everytime my father turns on the radio or even play those cassette tapes. During the 80's music was so powerful, it brought me and made me appreciate songs that until now are so classic. It never changed and it really brings you back.

I saw John Ford Coley perform awhile ago and I must say this is such a rare occasion that for the next decade I can never experience again. 

He performed live here at Harbor Point Ayala Mall- Subic Bay Freeport Zone for the benefit of the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda. 

John Ford Coley 

Although the performance wasn't that long I enjoyed every minute of it, and while listening to him I closed my eyes and went back to the day where it was a sunny Sunday morning and I was a little kid. It was a breezy Sunday morning and it felt nice. That is how I can describe the music I just listened live. 

I was able to take some photos altough I was too far and after the show I was able to take a photo opportunity with him with a group of fans. It was a good Friday night... So worth it. :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cif Cream Lemon- Prize from Roller Coaster Ride

My bottles of Cif cream lemon surface cleaner arrived today! 

This is from Roller Coaster Ride blog anniversary contest which I've won a few weeks ago. 
Three (3) 250 ml bottles of Cif Surface cleaner which I am excited to try at home. I am excited to try this product as I have seen this over at other blogpost from bloggers. At the back of each bottle it has this instructions for use and I am fascinated with the smell and it says there that I can use it without needing to wet the surface. 
The scent is so refreshingly lemon... One of my favorite scent!
And the nicest thing about this prize is... I don't have to buy my regulare cleaning agent which I can save some money. The perks of winning items which I can use. Thanks Roller Coaster Ride!

Have you tried using CIF Cream? Share me some thoughts about it. :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Taking Care of a Sick Child with an Arm Cast

Last Tuesday around 7pm while  I preparing dinner after I got home from work, I got a call from a person in charge at YMCA. The call was an information that my son who went to his football drill training for the Alaska Cup for next month had an accident and now at the Emergency room of James Gordon Memorial Hospital. I did not panic nor thought of anything serious his condition, I left the house, turned off the stove, unplugged the washer and covered all the food in the dinner table. I left my 9-year-old daughter alone who just came from her Kumon class. I gave her instructions on what to do and ask the landlord to look over the house and my daughter as I need to check on my son at the hospital. 

There I saw him, on a sling with his left arm wrapped and tapped with a newspaper to stabilize movement and waiting for the x-ray technician. 

What happened was they were doing the drills, running backward with his spike shoes on and tripped when he stepped on this rock, made a fall and his left arm caught up with all of his weight. 

Colles fracture of the left arm. 

He underwent a closed reduction procedure of the Colles at the Lourdes Hospital since there was not any available portable x-ray at JLGMH. 

Brought him home around 2 am on Wednesday after a minor surgery, and we passed the post op- 48 hour period. He went back to school yesterday and all the plans for the Alaska Cup 2013 and also the CLARAA meet.

Day1 with the arm cast.

And, the battle of having a foreign object attached to him started. He is irritable with the itch and annoys me demanding that the cast placed was not right, he wanted to poke the inside of the cast so he can scratch it, he removes the sling which I told him to stop doing it because it might cause serious problems after, gave him medications and do's on how to relieve itchiness and pain was given. He is very impatient, very annoying and doesn't listen. I try to understand him, being a mom and a nurse at the same time... But I get tired too. Three months and I am counting. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Maybelline BB Cream Sample got mine today... Oh wait EXPIRED sample!

Earlier this week I signed up for a Maybelline BB Cream sample over at Maybelline Philippines Facebook page. 
And this morning I got my sample delivered to me via Air21 courier service right in my office doorsteps. ;)

Maybelline New York Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer BB Cream

I honestly haven't tried using this brand because I find it a little expensive and way out of my make-up budget, glad that I can now try it. 

The sample pack contains 1ml of BB Cream in SPF26, it says here that it brightens, conceals, evens, clears, refines, smoothes, moisturizes and protect skin. Wow it has everything I needed for a BB cream! 
Excited to use it tomorrow, thank you Maybelline Philippines for the sample pack. 
Go ahead and hover to their page to get your sample too. 

Happy Friday! 

Oh wait! As I was examining the sample pack just now I saw this. 
EXPIRED sample pack of Maybelline BB cream 
Date: 25032011 
I am shocked! Giving out sample to people that has been expired for almost three (3) years! 
Hey Maybelline Philippines... What happened here? Tsk tsk! 

Who is handling the promotion for this free samples? 
I am so disappointed. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

My MiPow Power Tube Shake

A few weeks ago I was redirected to this Facebook page of MiPow Philippines, there was a game by which entrants can comment on their post about "Do You Have the Shake?" All I did was comment on what experienced I had in the past that made me shake because all the batteries at home went dead. In the recent experience we had it was when the City of Olongapo got flooded a couple of weeks ago, power was down and all the gadget batteries at home went drain. We did not have any means of communication outside our place. We waited until the rain stopped and the flood water subside which took more than 24 hours. It was scary! We were trapped and we couldn't get help. 

Out of the many who posted their comments as entries MiPow chose me as one of the winners. The prize, it's the MiPow Power Tube Shake 2600mah and my prize arrived last Saturday. 
MiPow 2600mah Power Tube Shake
Universal Mobile Charger

Apple, Micro USB, Mini USB, Female USB cables included to support most cell phones. 
My MiPow Shake in Purple ... So pretty! 

MiPow also sent me this thank you letter for joining the game. 

The tube lights up with the distinguish color that depends on the charging capacity. 

I need to charge it before my initial use roughly 4 hours or until the light turn stable blue. 
I was really planning to buy one of this since the power became unstable in our area and also my pocket wifi needs charging specially when we are out of the house, I have now my assistant that can connect me anywhere and everywhere. 

Thank You MiPow Philippines... You made my Monday bright! ;) 

Friday, November 8, 2013

7-Eleven #BYOCupDay #Slurpee

Yesterday, me and my daughter joined the thousand of Filipinos for the #BYOCupDay Slurpee at 7-Eleven. For P29.00 you can bring any cup, container, hat, boot, bamboo, tower pitcher etc, and you can get as many as you want Slurpee at all participating stores.

At the struck of 12noon (lunchbreak) we brought this clear glass flower base I have here in the office (washed it thoroughly until I was sure that it was totally clean...haha!) and got or Slurpee all you want Raspberry flavor for P29.00, my daughter was so excited and surprisingly she was the first customer who availed the #BYOCupDay at 711 Ulo ng Apo branch here in Olongapo, the crew took a picture of her in the promo poster standee. 

Fill it up! #SlurpeeRaspberry
Little Girl Scout so proud! 

Made this as our entry for the #BYOCupday #Slurpee contest at 711 Facebook and Instagram contest. :) (hopeful in winning). 

Did you participate in this so cool, so brainfreeze and so refreshing event of 711 Philippines? 

Super Typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda hits Central parts of the Philippines

Super typhoon Haiyan/ Yolanda made its landfall early morning of Friday. With its strongest 315 km-380 km, it is now directly hovering the area of the Central part of the Philippines. This morning storm signal was determined by the areas where it will be affected. 

(Photo from GMA

Evacuation of local and national government was done as early as yesterday and the close monitoring of this super typhoon via PAGASA weather bureau. This is now believed to be the Typhoon of the Century because of the wide and enormous formation. 

Suspension of classes and office were made last night and list adds up early this morning. 
Here in Zambales, we are now on signal no.1, this morning cloudy skies and strong winds were felt. I just wish and hope for the safety of everyone, especially to those people in Bohol and Cebu that were recently struck and left huge damage by the earthquake. 
This is how we experience global warming due to environmental damage caused by humans. We took for granted how we should treat mother nature. It is never too late to protect and preserve our planet, especially for us adults to cultivate for our future generation.
Be safe all! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Stop Copyright Infringement!

"Copyright infringement is the use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder's exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works, without permission from the copyright holder, which is typically a publisher or other business representing or assigned by the work's creator." 
- Wikipedia

If you are a contest junkie like I am please play fair! Joining contest specially when it involves photographs as your entry needed time and effort so that you can come up with the best entry to fit the category. Or if you are tricky and never think of consequences in regards with your act you will result to grabbing photos over the web and claim it as yours. 

This happened to this recent photo contest I joined in over Facebook. The concept of the contest was to post interesting photos during your daily commute. Meaning you should sumbit your own photos, photos that you took, photos that you created. Since I have stock photos that goes with the theme I submitted entries for it, and since it is not a "most like wins" kind of contest I was confident about the decision of the contest admin. The prize? Five winners of Tretorn shoes for men. 

During the middle of the contest week I saw this entry. 

I was shocked when I saw this! I knew that photo because I have seen it so many times over the net, in social network sites. I read the caption and the contestant obviously claimed the photo as hers. I was like duh! I never said anything and waited for the result of the contest, and a couple of days ago as i checked the announcement.... Guess what! 

That entry won! I felt sick and angry because I am a hobbyist photographer and the feeling of something was taken from you in the advantage of winning a pair of shoes! I did experience photo grabbing and disregarded me as the owner of the photo and even claimed that she's the one in the photograph. I called her attention and removed her from my friends list. This is not new, a few months ago copyright infringement was all over the news because of this Filipino who grabbed photos and won in an International contest. 

The giant shoe from Marikina is a photograph of a Filipino Photojournalist from Reuters and copyright of that photos can be seen everywhere. Articles from different news websites used that photo and gave credit to the owner. We called up the attention of the contest admin and I appreciate that they reply and made the right thing, the winner was disqualified due to copyright infringement. 

I just do hope that the rest of the winners there are legit entries. 
Common guys... Play fair!