Saturday, November 30, 2013

John Ford Coley live at Harbor Point Mall

There are songs that can bring you back in a certain time and a certain part of your life. These are the songs that you get to listen while you were growing up. 

Songs such as Its Sad to Belong, Gone too far, We'll never have to say Goodbye again, Love is the Answer and Nights are forever without you by John Ford Coley's songs are the music I hear everytime my father turns on the radio or even play those cassette tapes. During the 80's music was so powerful, it brought me and made me appreciate songs that until now are so classic. It never changed and it really brings you back.

I saw John Ford Coley perform awhile ago and I must say this is such a rare occasion that for the next decade I can never experience again. 

He performed live here at Harbor Point Ayala Mall- Subic Bay Freeport Zone for the benefit of the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda. 

John Ford Coley 

Although the performance wasn't that long I enjoyed every minute of it, and while listening to him I closed my eyes and went back to the day where it was a sunny Sunday morning and I was a little kid. It was a breezy Sunday morning and it felt nice. That is how I can describe the music I just listened live. 

I was able to take some photos altough I was too far and after the show I was able to take a photo opportunity with him with a group of fans. It was a good Friday night... So worth it. :)

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