Monday, November 11, 2013

My MiPow Power Tube Shake

A few weeks ago I was redirected to this Facebook page of MiPow Philippines, there was a game by which entrants can comment on their post about "Do You Have the Shake?" All I did was comment on what experienced I had in the past that made me shake because all the batteries at home went dead. In the recent experience we had it was when the City of Olongapo got flooded a couple of weeks ago, power was down and all the gadget batteries at home went drain. We did not have any means of communication outside our place. We waited until the rain stopped and the flood water subside which took more than 24 hours. It was scary! We were trapped and we couldn't get help. 

Out of the many who posted their comments as entries MiPow chose me as one of the winners. The prize, it's the MiPow Power Tube Shake 2600mah and my prize arrived last Saturday. 
MiPow 2600mah Power Tube Shake
Universal Mobile Charger

Apple, Micro USB, Mini USB, Female USB cables included to support most cell phones. 
My MiPow Shake in Purple ... So pretty! 

MiPow also sent me this thank you letter for joining the game. 

The tube lights up with the distinguish color that depends on the charging capacity. 

I need to charge it before my initial use roughly 4 hours or until the light turn stable blue. 
I was really planning to buy one of this since the power became unstable in our area and also my pocket wifi needs charging specially when we are out of the house, I have now my assistant that can connect me anywhere and everywhere. 

Thank You MiPow Philippines... You made my Monday bright! ;) 

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