Friday, November 22, 2013

Taking Care of a Sick Child with an Arm Cast

Last Tuesday around 7pm while  I preparing dinner after I got home from work, I got a call from a person in charge at YMCA. The call was an information that my son who went to his football drill training for the Alaska Cup for next month had an accident and now at the Emergency room of James Gordon Memorial Hospital. I did not panic nor thought of anything serious his condition, I left the house, turned off the stove, unplugged the washer and covered all the food in the dinner table. I left my 9-year-old daughter alone who just came from her Kumon class. I gave her instructions on what to do and ask the landlord to look over the house and my daughter as I need to check on my son at the hospital. 

There I saw him, on a sling with his left arm wrapped and tapped with a newspaper to stabilize movement and waiting for the x-ray technician. 

What happened was they were doing the drills, running backward with his spike shoes on and tripped when he stepped on this rock, made a fall and his left arm caught up with all of his weight. 

Colles fracture of the left arm. 

He underwent a closed reduction procedure of the Colles at the Lourdes Hospital since there was not any available portable x-ray at JLGMH. 

Brought him home around 2 am on Wednesday after a minor surgery, and we passed the post op- 48 hour period. He went back to school yesterday and all the plans for the Alaska Cup 2013 and also the CLARAA meet.

Day1 with the arm cast.

And, the battle of having a foreign object attached to him started. He is irritable with the itch and annoys me demanding that the cast placed was not right, he wanted to poke the inside of the cast so he can scratch it, he removes the sling which I told him to stop doing it because it might cause serious problems after, gave him medications and do's on how to relieve itchiness and pain was given. He is very impatient, very annoying and doesn't listen. I try to understand him, being a mom and a nurse at the same time... But I get tired too. Three months and I am counting. 

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