Monday, February 12, 2024

High-Protein Energy Sticks for Dogs


Recently, we discovered this new high-protein energy sticks for dogs, it's Dentalight Yumm Stix Chicken with Beef Energy sticks! 

Dentalight Yumm Stix Energy Chicken with Beef Dog Treats has 50g content per pack. Yumm stix made from real, low-fat chicken fillet as their number one ingredient, doesn't contain corn or wheat or artificial flavor or colorant, carefully selected liver and baked on low heat to cook the meat to ensure safety and excellent palatability.

The well chosen beef offers a premium supply of animal protein to promote muscular growth.
Your best dog deserves this wonderful suitable reward.

Only as supplemental food for dogs is this product meant to be used. Serve one treat every day. Make sure your dog is chewing the treat thoroughly and keep fresh drinking water on hand at all times. 

Not recommended for dogs less than six months.
Light-colored materials and carpets may get stained by the substance.
Not to be consumed by humans. Keep in a cool, dry place.

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