Saturday, February 17, 2024

Chocolate Cookie for Dogs?!

Now is the perfect time to give our dogs, Billy and Jack, this "chocolate cookie"! Nope, this isn't a real chocolate cookie—instead, it's a gourmet Doggy-O's cookie treat that has been molded and made to resemble a chocolate cookie! 

Packed full of premium ingredients, these Cookie Bones are ideal for your dog.
The highlight of this treat is its delicious crunch, which with each savory mouthful not only keeps you entertained but also gently promotes cleaner teeth. 
Acceptable for dogs of all sizes and breeds. 

Serve one treat as a delicious snack each day. I make sure that our dog has access to a fresh water bowl at all times. This treat should not be a replacement as your dogs regular meal.  

Both Billy and Jack enjoyed their chocolate cookie treat, got their approval! ;) 

Keep the cookie treats at room temperature in their original packaging, away from direct sunlight, for optimal crunch and maximum freshness. 


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