Sunday, June 14, 2020

How do we communicate in today's world?

***This is a sponsored post by Syniverse, this article is written by me, opinions and views are solely mine.

Today's way of communication defines the development and the advancement of technology the world is providing us. 
People are finding ways to adapt to abrupt changes in modern technology. Almost all are dependent on technology as a means or a form of communication to family and friends; work situation; business-wise; and even to what we need to know around the world. 

During the implementation of the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, people, in general, relies on technology as their means of communication. People were not allowed to go out, shut down of businesses and schools temporarily closed. In general, people were forced to stay at home, isolate themselves from the outside world, and some were placed in quarantine. Hospitals and medical facilities were the only ones operating to the fullest. 

Mobile or text messaging is the most effective way to communicate with others. With almost all of the people worldwide has mobile phones or even gadgets that can send SMS to someone, this is known to be the most reliable and easiest way to message someone.

After three months of closure due to the lockdown, we are all slowly getting to the "new normal" stage. People are in the streets, businesses are slowly on its operation and what comes next - the demand for services. 

There are plenty of messaging platforms on the market today where you can access or buy them free of charge from your mobile provider. Messaging platforms vary in the degree of the needs of the customer, from personal to business use. 

  • Build brand awareness and loyalty with more valuable interactions. Customers are drawn to brands that serve them meaningful interactions, and having real-time, actionable data is the key to creating them. 
  • Rely on seamless operations to efficiently manage programs and campaigns.
  • Provide best-in-class customer care that amplifies your brand.
  • Reach your customers, and find new ones, on more channels.
In my understanding, this mobile messaging technology can provide its services when it comes to aiding communication with customers and owners. Read below their featured services:  
  1. Syniverse can help build an omnichannel mobile program that’s both strategic and creative. And, your plan can continue to evolve and become more successful with our robust performance reporting.
  2. Syniverse is all about agility, quickly and easily integrating with your current infrastructure. There’s no downtime, and we offer 24/7 support. And most importantly, our secure global platform keeps you—and your customers—safe.
  3. Syniverse can be the feature that sets your brand apart. With a suite of tools that delivers a consistent, quality experience, you’ll keep the customers you have and earn an impressive reputation that will bring in new ones.

Personal-wise, there are a lot of famous personal messaging apps in the market today. Most of them are meant for socializing, chat, calls, games, and some provide links to easy-payments. 

No matter what form of communication that is out there in the market today, always make sure that all your data and personal information are secured and protected. 


  1. I totally agree. Security is super important in today's communication.

  2. Communication is so strange now a days! It seems like almost everyone I know wants to do nothing but text.

  3. Syniverse is new to me, but it sounds interesting. I love texting, especially the fact that you don't have to reply right away. Plus, there's very little chitchat.

  4. It sure is changing for sure! security is very important though when it coms to this

  5. These communications matter to your customers, too. A business that fails to secure its communications isn't merely failing itself. It's failing investors and those who do business with that company, as proved by the recent Equifax disaster.

  6. It's the first time that I hear about Syniverse and it sounds like a quite promising company !
    Indeed, security is one of the paramount field that ought to be tackled effectively.

  7. Brand awareness is still overlooked often nowadays. Having a platform that can take care of that for you is superb.

  8. There are so many communication ways today. It’s super important to know how to make things secured

  9. So true - texting has been one of my main forms of communication through the pandemic. I will have to look into Syniverse!

  10. I feel like I still live in the prehistoric era as I'm not so familiar with Syniverse. Most of the time, I prefer calling over texting. I am not sure how to be 'secure' when it using my mobile specially from phishing but whenever I 'call' using apps like FB and Viber, I always have my VPN on. Would rea more about Syniverse.

  11. Communication and security go hand and hand. Too many messenges around.

  12. Great insightful post. Right way of communication is really important in today's times to move ahead.

  13. Telecommunication is basically the new normal. Social Media platforms allow people the opportunity to not only connect with people from all over this world but it also gives people the opportunity to use their platform to advocate causes that are important to them. This was a very factual post !

  14. Wonderful information you shared. To think how things have changed in just the last 10 years when it has comes to how we communicate truly amazes me everyday that is for sure!

  15. Never heard of syniverse, but we've grown pretty used to communication by Facetime here. It will be weird to transition back when all this is done.