Sunday, November 10, 2019

4 Simple and Basic Tips for a Successful Home Renovation

Photo by Christa Grover from Pexels

When constructing a house one of the very important rooms is the bathroom. No house is built without a space for a bathroom or a shower area. The layout of the bathroom normally goes beside or inside the bedroom for hygiene and privacy. If you are lucky enough to acquire a big space for it you can plan to install bathrooms in every room of the house.

How would you rate your current bathroom in your house?

In the apartment, we have right now, we have a single bathroom and shower in one. It is well concreted with the necessities like a shower, faucet and a sink beside the toilet bowl. For me, it is quite small but the purpose of taking a bath and doing your business can is served. I can rate our current bathroom to 5 out of 10.

If given the time and budget I would like to do some bathroom remodeling. Adding and putting up some essential corners and built a vanity area and also install some wall and mirror lights to go along with space and make the area look bigger. I also would like to add some half-size windows so natural light can come inside; less electricity consumption. I would love to convert the current shower area to a bathtub/shower area. Having a small space and making use of the important corners of the room can work very handy. Who wouldn't want a bathtub in the shower?

Although this is not an urgent need to remodel I have time to check out some tips and information on the internet which I can use and can incorporate in my renovation plans.

There are a lot of do-it-yourself or DIY ideas that I can pick-up on the internet and by mixing and matching materials I am sure the I can find the perfect things I can use. As I've read in an article of one specific area in the house in a certain location and the tackled article was about- bathroom remodel in New Orleans, stating a specific location means hiring a local contractor in the area can make a big difference. It can lessen your workload and can go through the specifics of the room like the plumbing and electric works. In doing this you need to consider your budget, hiring a professional can mean additional expenses. If you decide on having a professional help be hands-on still.

The photo above describes the bathroom and shower room I want. I love how the wood door was incorporated into the room. Beside the sink I can work on as my vanity corner although I prefer the bigger mirror, I can raise the wall lights in doing this. I also like the frosted window as it can control the direct sunlight coming in from the outside during the daytime. And, take a closer look at the wall tile design, I love how it looks so modern and the pattern breaks the plain painted color of the wall.

Considerations when doing a home renovation:
  • budget
  • space
  • necessity
  • time 
These four steps sums up all the ideas and plans I have for my bathroom. 

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  1. Great tips about remodeling your home. I like the idea of still being hands on even if you do hire a professional.