Monday, September 3, 2018


*This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

How do you "save for the rainy day", setting aside a portion of what you earn, not just for emergency purposes but for leisure as well. Dividing a portion of what the family's monthly income that goes out for major expenses such as education, home, and kids, I always believe that saving something for the experience to enjoy life, like a family vacation, a good dining experience, or even an added extra fun with friends. Consider this as a reward and always a good time to bond with the members of the family.

We have this notion when we plan to travel for it is expensive and sometimes can drain your budget and savings. The keys to this amazing trip and adventure with the family that you can enjoy and will won't go bankrupt your savings are planning ahead of time plus buying a vacation deals online that are on sale!

As I recall, my personal experience shopping online was only limited to shopping for clothes. I am amazed how everything evolves with online shopping, now I can find almost anything! And, again my purpose is to purchase it at a discounted price compared to the actual physical store. Can you imagine the time you can save and the gasoline if you drive or commute just to shop?

Did you know that there are a lot of online shopping deal sites both local and international? This means that you can shop whenever and wherever you are in the world! You can shop for yourself or give it as a gift.

Things you need to look for in an online shopping site:
  1. Check if the site is legit (do research and read reviews).
  2. They offer discounts, sale, and promos.
  3. The wide array of choices a consumer can choose from.
  4. The easy and flexible payment methods.
  5. Ask friends for referrals.

I can enumerate the shopping sites I experienced doing transactions with but there is this one shopping site I have in my email subscription for years, it’s Deal Grocer. I wanted to give this a try, will gear up for a birthday/holiday staycation, soon!

Deal Grocer is a clever way to shop for life's little luxuries—whether that's lunch out with friends or a long overdue holiday.

Every time I get emails from Deal Grocer, I am always struck by how luxuriously they presented their products. And, these are not limited to travel, hotel and accommodation but also to dining, and even beauty and fitness.

All you have to do is sign- up for FREE, and be updated with all the amazing offers they have.

How can members like me enjoy savings?
A quick three-step guide on how to enjoy Deal Grocer’s exclusive offers.
  1. BROWSE through the curated list of deals.
  2. PURCHASE login before you make a transaction.
  3. REDEEM upon redemption present your ID together with the screenshot from your phone, enjoy!

Here is a complete list of services you can find at Deal Grocer.
  1. HOTELS- Deal Grocer partnered with highly acclaimed hotels across the metro, all these are not limited to relaxing stay but also they included sumptuous meals for fine dining and buffets. One good example is this deal package by Parque EspaƱa VALID DAILY! 2-BR Suite for 4 + Buffet Breakfast for 3 from P7,780 to P6,000.

  1. GETAWAYS- Are you and your friends are up for a day trip or a long weekend adventure? Enjoy captivating scenery plus conquer an amazing experience, check out the list of options you can choose from Deal Grocer’s getaway deals. Retreat houses in Baguio or Tagaytay, they got you covered.  

  1. BEAUTY & FITNESS- Treat and reward yourself with relaxing massages, beauty treatments, and even fitness workout deals.

  1. DINING- Amazing selection of restaurants, from fine dining to a more comfortable place to have your favorite pizza, you can find it in this section. You can choose a wide variety of local and international cuisine the offers deal as much as half the price. A pan of seafood Paella or your choice of cut for your steak, not to mention the list of buffet restaurants that partnered with Deal Grocer.

There’s a counter for each available deals you can find at Deal Grocer, that’s your time frame when to hit the purchase button. They also have DealGrocer Credits, load up your account with credits so you can purchase deals anytime you want.

Shop by:
  • Location- within or outside Metro Manila.
  • Interest:
  • Fresh picks, set of both new and bestselling offers.
  • Family-friendly escapes
  • Acclaimed buffets
  • Staycations
  • Romantic retreats
  • Hideaways to Discover
  • Fitness, Beauty treatment, Health, and Wellness
  • Celebrations  
Check out their partner merchants.

I am surprised to find out that I don't need to travel far for my birthday getaway because I can get a hotel deal from Deal Grocer at Segara Villas here in Subic! Not going much into the details of my birthday, but I did get a good deal here, I am a happy shopper.:)
How did I find out the deal, I just clicked on Shop by Location and Subic was one of the choices. Well, as a resident of Subic I am proud to say that Subic is one of the best summer and holiday destinations in the Philippines!

About Deal Grocer:

  • Deal Grocer has founded October in 2010
  • A newly launched DG Travel Magazine with latest and popular stories about travel experiences serves as a guide for your future travel escapades.
  • 350+ EXCLUSIVE deals and fresh content, just subscribe to their newsletter.
  • New deals every Sunday
  • Lowest priced guaranteed
  • Paperless redemption-environmental friendly!
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Cash pick-up payment (DG will get your payment over P1000, not available for gift vouchers)
  • Free shipping on gift vouchers
You can also follow them on social media for added research, just like I did.

Plan your holiday vacation as early as now so you can get the best deals with the best price.