Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My Four Everyday Fashionable Woman Accessories To Wear

How do you dress up for work, school, or even going to the mall? 

Comfortable and trendy may it be for work or an outfit you wear when going out of the house when we talk about clothes. But you will agree with me on this, that when it comes to accessorizing like putting on a wristwatch or a necklace can make you look even more fashionable. Not to forget the necessity it can give you. 

For me the four everyday accessories I wear when I go to work are:
  1. Wristwatch- I never go out of the house not wearing a watch. I always have to feel the weight of the watch on my left wrist and as I am always checking the time especially in the morning commute when I left the house. I am not that particular with the brand of the watch I wear but I do collect some good pieces through the years. Watch for a dress, sporty, and to the more casual everyday wear watches. Watches are also a good investment when the time comes, all you need to do is take care of them and never neglect maintenance. 
  2. Pair of earrings- besides precious metals like gold and silver, there are a lot of styles and materials for a pair of earrings on the market. As simple or as extravagant you can create your own look. 
  3. Bracelet- it gives me added personality when it comes to wearing bracelets, it can be worn in layers or even a single band. Materials also differ, I also keep some good pieces as my investment, and also can be passed down to my children as an heirloom. 
  4. Necklace- for now, my favorite/ everyday necklace I wear is the gold chain necklace with eternity charm and I added also this pendant with two roses and leaves made with green jade stone. The pendant was given to me by my mother. 

For a working Mom like me going to the mall to go window shopping hinders me because of lack of time. That is why I always result in finding fashionable and trendy accessories online, and I must say there are a lot!  

I am always amazed by lockets ever since and when I saw Dotiow Fashion Jewelry they sell floating charm lockets which can be customized according to charms I want to include. I got excited when I found out they have a lanyard necklace with charms for nurses! Check out the cute collection they have in their store. 

Aside from lanyards, they also have pendants and bracelets, a diffuser for the car and even a charm diffuser necklace, they also sell cute stickers! 
I can avail free shipping for orders amounting to $9. I'm glad that they have available cashless payment options such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or Cash on Delivery. 

I find their products unique, useful and trendy at the same time, and the holiday season is fast approaching I can include their products as gift ideas. I have now an idea on what to add on my everyday wear for work. 

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