Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Denim Clothing A Timeless Fashion

When it comes to fashion layering clothes never goes out of style, it is another way to show and feature a piece of material or clothing which is the contrast to the color and as well as the style. Mixing and matching have always been the trend when it comes to fashion.

"Did you know that denim has been used in the United States since the mid-century?"

Denim comes a long way when it comes to fashion, it creates that uniqueness giving an identity to the style. From jeans to skirt and even fashionable to the most rugged style of denim jeans, plain to more elaborate designs for denim jackets there is in the market. Denim for being so versatile, it can also be incorporated and made as accessories like belts, handbags, and tote bag; types of furniture like bean bags, lampshades, and upholstery. It can create a unique style for your vehicles like upholstery for your car as customized.

There are multiple patterns for a piece of denim clothing is made.
1. combs or honeycombs – meshes of faded line-segments that is formed behind the knees.
2. whiskers – faded streaks that form radially from the crotch area.
3. stacks – irregular bands of fading above the ankle caused by according of the fabric due to contact with the foot or shoe.
4. train tracks – fading along the out-seams due to abrasion.
Having all this information about denim clothing, I am inspired and wishing to add more denim pieces in my wardrobe and the photo above is what I was looking for. A grayish denim jacket customized with a symbol and with the word LOVE at the back. And, I saw this on Zaful, an online clothing shop that caters to this kind of denim jacket style. After hours of browsing to their catalog, I am decided to get this one.

What is your favorite denim outfit you have in your closet? 

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