Monday, May 7, 2018

Switching to Induction Cooker from Gas Cooker

Would you agree with me that the most important appliance in your home specifically the kitchen is the stove? 

For me it is, that is the part that can help me create and cook dishes for the family and other occasions, also it can heat up anything that is possible using the gas oven. I have been cooking for more than half of my life and I always consider experimenting things in the kitchen. 

A little upgrade to an appliance that can save and also speed up cooking is my always my aim, or I know most of us to do, with this I was able to convince myself to purchase an induction cooker, for the reason that the heat that is being produced using gas from the range cooker affects the temperature in the kitchen going to the living room, even the range hood in on. Now, what to do with this situation, find a place in the house that can a temporary kitchen or cooking station. 

There's a lot of buzz about induction cooker versus gas cooker by using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Does an induction cooker is better and efficient for cooking? Wil it saves you money and time?

So, I put to test our new Kyowa induction cooker yesterday, I prepared three meals cooked one after the other.  

Kyowa induction cooker (Php1599/30USD)
Model number: KW-3631 

  • 1400 watts 
  • multiple-level adjustable power setting 
  • durable crystal glass plate
  • pre-set manual selection heating function
  • automatically detects when various error occur
  • uses no open flame- guaranteed safe to use
My first dish was bacon and eggs for breakfast, with the pre-set mode I fried four strips of bacon, then followed by sunny-side-up eggs in just minutes. 

I used the Masflex non-stick aluminum induction crepe pan for this. The digital light will detect an error message when I tried using a different pan. Which for me is an absolute yes having this guide. 

When cleaning the cooker after use, I quickly turned off the cooker, set-aside to let it cool and used a damp cloth wiping the top surface. 

The second dish I prepared for cooking was Chicken tinola soup. 

Using Pyrex iron cast casserole (flat-bottom), I sauteed onion, ginger, and garlic on the lowest heat, for just minutes I reached the desired temperature until I placed the chicken for searing. I added heat and time 20 minutes and set it for boil setting.

Chicken tinola soup with papaya and chili leaves.

The third dish was fried cavendish banana wrapped with jackfruit and brown sugar (saging na turon). 

Using the Oster cast iron frying pan with flat-bottom, I preheated the cooking oil and amazed how quick it reached the desired temperature. The wrappers got burnt because of the highest temperature that was pre-set after I turned on the cooker. It took a minute or two just to cook the side of the wrap. 

My overall experience using this Kyowa induction cooker, it can easily reach the desired temperature when cooking, because it's flameless it doesn't emit excessive heat, it's light-weight and can be placed anywhere in the house or you can bring it anywhere needed. It gives a guide in time and what acceptable cooking tools like pots and pans to use. Although, this part can be a negative side of it, because it needs for you to buy some, or you can maximize the ones you have at home. 

I will be checking the upcoming electric bill if how much will the consumption including the use of this induction cooker. 

So far, I am quite impressed and satisfied with it, also it is serving the purpose of why I decided to buy an induction cooker. 

Will you consider in switching to induction cooker from your regular gas cooking? Any thoughts? 

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