Friday, May 11, 2018

3 Ways to decorate your home with LED strip lights

LED lights have proven to be very energy efficient which is why many households are convinced to use them in most of their lighting fixtures. Aside from less energy consumption, LED lights are also cooler than regular incandescent lights, making them safer to be around with. More so, LED strip lights are perfect home decorations. They provide a nice and ambient touch to the home without warming it up too much. And depends on the placement creates more depth and dimension to a certain space. 

There are so many ways to decorate your home using LED strip lights. In this article we’ll focus on how best you can incorporate them in the 3 major areas of your home, the living, kitchen, and the bathroom. Ready? Let’s go!

1. In the living room

Strip lights make for good accent features in the living area. They illuminate certain objects to give it a subtle glow. Be it a shelf, or a wall unit, highlighting any part of your living room decor is easy using LED strip lights. Now that they’re available in multiple colors ranging from bluish white to warm yellow, also neon lights can go perfectly and it’s easy to get a shade that complements your home perfectly.

Attaching a LED tape on the underside of a cabinet, bench, or a console table gives it a cozy look. LED strips also provide effective cove lighting, as it gives off a warm indirect lighting built into the ledges and recesses of a ceiling. Its soft glow is warm and inviting, making you feel instantly comfortable. It’s a perfect addition to any living space that needs more charm.

2. In the kitchen

A kitchen is a place you would want to install a lot of light in. With a lot of action (ie. cooking) happening in this space, you need every corner to be visible as much as possible, to avoid accidents and to ease up the cooking process. In this part of the house, LED strip lights to come in handy as an under-cabinet lighting.

Placing them underneath the cabinets on the sink and counter area effectively highlights the backsplash you have. Top lighting also pronounces the items on your kitchen counter much better. It highlights their silhouette in an interesting manner that gives more character to your kitchen overall. LED strips are definitely a great option when you want to have additional lighting on your prep counter or kitchen sink. Adding them underneath a kitchen island gives off a dramatic touch to it, and an illusion that it’s floating. The lighting really makes a lot of difference when placed correctly.

3. In the bathroom

Here’s another space that would benefit a lot from LED strip lighting. A bathroom is a place you want to feel and look beautiful in, and proper lighting plays a big role in that. LED strips can be placed on the outline of a bathroom mirror to give it a warm glow whenever you’re preparing or doing your makeup. They provide an elegant accent to your vanity that makes the onlooker stand out.

Apart from the vanity area, LED strip lights are also effective in highlighting certain parts of your bathroom, like the bathtub or your built-in closet. There are waterproof kinds that you can use safely inside the bathroom that wouldn’t moisten up and short circuit when in contact with water. LED lights may be more expensive than fluorescent or incandescent light, but the energy savings it gives and the durability of the fixtures make it a better home investment in the long run.

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