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Are You Looking For Hair Loss Treatment Due To PCOS Disorder?

Have you thought that you used to have such thick hair but now it’s so thin? Are you thinking that it is bad when you take a picture of thinner hair each day? You are not alone. Many women face this problem due to many causes including PCOS. Other people may think that losing hair is a normal thing but it is such a big deal if it happens so much. Emotionally, it must be difficult deal with PCOS symptoms. You may be thinking why it happens to you. So, here are discussions about PCOS, its symptoms, and the side effects.

Does PCOS Affect Hair Loss?

First of all, let’s talk what exactly is PCOS? It is an abbreviation for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS is a condition of impaired ovarian function in women who are in child-bearing age. This causes the female hormones to become unbalanced due to unknown causes. Another says that PCOS is a syndrome in women due to male hormone excess. Many women will have a problem with an increased levels of androgens and DHT or dihydrotestosterone. This condition can lead to thinning of hair on the front and top of the head. Even more, the high levels of DHT are the most influential factor in losing hair. On another side, the high level of testosterone also takes a part in this. The excess of testosterone can be converted to DHT which makes a condition of hair loss. It will be also difficult to regrow the hair especially in women with PCOS disorder.

Signs and symptoms of PCOS often begin shortly after the first menstrual period (menarche). In some cases, PCOS occurs after a reproductive period. Signs and symptoms vary among women of either type or severity. To diagnose this condition, the doctor considers at least two of the following symptoms:

  • Irregular periods of menstruation.
  • Excess androgen levels (male hormone) in women characterized by the number of facial or body hair.
  • Losing hair in each day.
  • Enlarged ovaries (ovaries) consisting of a number of cysts through examination.

Patients with PCOS hormone balance disorder in the form of an increased hormone called Luteinizing Hormone (LH) that settled so that ovulation disorders occur. Increased LH levels cause active lygons to produce androgens in the form of androstenedione and testosterone. This hyperandrogenic state causes the internal environment of the follicle to be dominant androgen so it can not develop and eventually die. High levels of androgens in women cause acne and hair growth patterns such as men and the cessation of ovulation.

So, now you know what is the relationship between PCOS with hair loss. There have been many studies about PCOS symptoms and how to treat women with this disorder. The most important point is on lifestyle. This disorder can be solved by changing your lifestyle into healthier habit including diet, exercise, stress management, and rest. Taking vitamin and any mineral supplements to support your effort to regrow your hair loss. All of those shifts will affect your hair. Bad diet habit, excess stress, estrogenic alopecia, and lack of sleep are necessary to handle hair loss PCOS.

Hair Loss Treatment for Women with PCOS

After knowing the causes of hair loss in women with PCOS disorder, it is time to fix this problem. The best step firstly you have to do in reducing the risk of hair loss of PCOS is to start on proper diets. Then, you may incorporate diet program with exercise and of course, manage your stress as well in order to balance your life aspects. This is a good foundation to treat women with PCOS. Otherwise, you may also try keranique products which are safe to use. You are recommended to check the Keranique reviews before using these products to regrow your hair.

When you face a problem of hair loss due to PCOS, you may focus on hair loss care. The daily routine may cause hair loss as well. Pulling back and up your hair may reduce the quantity of the hair. While the use of hair products may also reduce both quantity and quality of the hair. The frequency of hair washing is also not good for hair because of the more often you wash the hair, the more oil in hair is lost. When you use shampoo, it should be better completely cleaning the scalp. While the content of the shampoo is better contained an organic ingredient which is used to reduce DHT residue.

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