Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How I Won Over 100 Thousand Pesos in Cash and Prizes in Three Months

I started joining contests and giveaways years ago and honestly, I can consider myself as one of the lucky ones! What drives me to join giveaways and contests? The main reason it to WIN! 

When I started joining contests and giveaways online, I am skeptical because my thinking was always on the negative side until I won something and proved myself that I was wrong. And, the eagerness, challenge and excitement sets in every time I list down competitions I am interested to join. 

Over the years I have compiled photos and lists of prizes I won online and every time I upload a new one it feels so nice to stroll down memory lane and see the prizes I received. I can say that luck paved the way. 

On this blog, I am featuring my recent prizes I got over the summer (three months!), amounting to more than Php100,000 pesos in cash and prizes!

Last April of this year I joined Red Ribbon's Graduation photo contest. My daughter graduated from elementary and bought their graduation cake for Php550 which was the main item needed in the photo contest along with the graduate. From the Php550 cake bought I won one MacBook Air 11" worth Php40,990. There were 32 winners nationwide and so thankful that our entry was included as one of the winners, that was announced a month after.
Red Ribbon was so accommodating and they facilitated the shipment of the prize especially to provincial winners like me. 

This is the MacBook Air prize and I am using it right now to blog. ;)

June 05, 2017 When Tang Philippines announced their batch of winners for the Tang Pic-A-Summer Promo Theme 3. And one of my photo entries won until now I don't have a clue on what picture they chose. :) The prize was Php10,000 in cash and I got it today on my atm. It took less than 2 months of waiting, I am grateful for this! We bought 5 dozen sachet packets and joined since the promo started. 

The grandest, unexpected and the last prize, for now, is the Yamaha YTX 125 courtesy of Binggrae Philippines! It was also a photo contest along with the product purchased. I won in the second-month draw using the selfies we took when we bought Binggrae ice cream worth Php400 in total. Followed the mechanics and sent in entries. We just took the chance in joining, though we were joking around what if we win the motorcycle, then that's it. Again, it was unexpected luck! The draw was July 1st and we were offline the time the raffle was announced and coming from a weekend trip, tired and exhausted I never got the chance to check online not until Monday when I received the email announcement. 

This was the display unit when we went to Yamaha showroom together with Binggrae representative to receive the unit and arranged delivery going to Olongapo. The prize amount is Php49,990 with a year of registration fewer accessories such as helmets and the rest. I paid the Php1000 delivery charge which they processed a week after the photos were taken. 
Aside from the Yamaha motorcycle we also got the consolation prize of Php1000 worth of Binggrae products! 

This post is not to brag or a show-off but to appreciate and give testimonies about online contests and raffles. I am just excited to share to you guys what a blessing to receive prizes that you wish for. 

There are companies that are so generous when it comes to prizes whether online or offline promos. You just need to be aware of where and what you are joining. There are a lot of scam promos everywhere, where they can lure you in every way possible. I personally will not join if I need to pay anything, but buying their products because it is included in the mechanics, let's say a selfie contest I would definitely join. 

I hope this can inspire every one reading when it comes to joining a raffle contest. 
Again, to Red Ribbon, Tang Philippines, and Binggrae Philippines... Thank you so much! :)



  1. How cool! I used to enter contests all the time, and I won stuff all the time! Nothing particularly big, but lots of nice things that also made for great Christmas gifts. Congrats on your big wins!

  2. How awesome is that. I love to win things. I never won some go great. Good for you.

  3. This is awesome. Hard to believe such things happen. You are very lucky.

  4. Woah ! This is seriously an impressive feat!