Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Taco Wrap with Avocado and Emborg Cream Cheese

Coming from a weekend we drag ourselves to go back to our regular routine, spend your working hours at work and go home relax. Well, for me my usual routine after work would be preparing dinner for the family. This is the best, safest and economical thing to do instead of dining out or even buying food from the restaurant or fast food. 

When preparing food at home you just need to be creative and fun and make sure that the food you're going to prepare is their favorite. 
Some keys to remember for non-stressful meal preparation are:
  • Grocery shop for the ingredients or stock-up for some extra especially meat and spices.
  • Have all the ingredients ready and accessible.
  • Plan the perfect meal for the family.
  • Know what your family loves to eat, their favorites actually.
  • Do not overspend on ingredients. Plan and budget.
Yesterday, I had all the key ingredients for taco wrap and also adding something new and old from our newly discovered dairy brand Emborg.

Check out my very easy to prepare soft taco avocado wrap from our dinner last night.

*Pan fried soft tortilla de Maiz wraps
*Sauteed ground beef with taco seasoning
*Homemade taco sauce
*corn kernels
*white onion diced into small pieces
*red tomatoes without seeds
*avocado slices
*Emborg cream cheese bits slices for toppings

The only thing you need to cook would be the ground beef, by sauteeing it in canola oil, minced garlic, minced white onion and crushed tomatoes adding a dash of taco powder for seasoning.
The tortilla de Maiz wrap needs only a few minutes to fry without any oil in a non-stick pan. I used the crepe pan for this one as it can hold three discs of tortilla in one cooking. Until it turns golden brown or to whatever preference they want. Do not over fry it, it will turn chewy and crusty.

When all are prepared, time to set up the tacos by adding portions of everything in every wrap. I topped every shell with slices and bits of Emborg Cream Cheese as it will neutralize the spicy flavor of the beef and also the taco sauce I made. 

I must say that it turned out to be good and I still have a lot of uncooked taco shells which I can whip up on my next recipe. The taste of the cream cheese really complimented with the spicy flavor and it made my kids asked for more. It became a kid-friendly taco avocado wrap because of Emborg cream cheese on it.

Emborg dairy products became my reliable source when it comes to cooking, baking, and everyday drink. When I discovered the product brand a year ago, it became my regular dairy product to have on my grocery list.

Emborg dairy products are very budget-friendly. I always compare brand's prices and I can say that you can have cheeses and milk at an affordable price with the same and sometimes more than the quality of other brands. 

You can find more great recipes and product reviews from our friends at the Village Bakery.  

Enjoy good food with family and friends! 

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