Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Got New Accessories for our Mountain Bikes!

It's been over a year now since we bought our mountain bikes and now it deserves some pimping with new sets of accessories we got last weekend. Though the items were not the top of the line bike accessories we love what we got. Bike accessories are not cheap, they cost a fortune at times but in real life you can enjoy a hobby with not to much pricey on accessories. As long as it serves the purpose right we are good with it. And, our bikes needs new lights as we mostly ride our bikes in the afternoon to night.

From our last bike ride one of the tail blinkers got broken and that was the main reason we dropped by the bike shop.

Some of the items we got are bike tail blinkers, front light and new sets of pedals.

Raypal Comet USB rechargeable head light with 100 lumens+
This can be recharge through usb charger will save buying double A batteries.
It has this rubberized and adjustable clip holder. 
The light can be adjusted in three modes.
It sells Php 286 each.

NQY Led headlight
It has a wide light coverage with several modes to choose from. This will go perfectly well in front of our bikes.
It also has a snug fit rubber holder clip that holds the unit in place.
USB recharge
Each costs Php 279.

We also got our new pedals from Mountain Peak.
It's an alloy metal pedals which is a little lighter than we are using. 
Ours was made of plastic and the grip wasn't that good.
The pedals has semi-pointed spike all-around the pedal body which can grip through our bikes shoes.
Each set costs Php 350.

Since we got two of each items we were given a little discount, enough for a jeepney ride back home haha! 

Since the time we bought these new accessories we not taken our bikes for a spin because of the hectic schedule. We might have time this weekend and enjoy Subic Bay while on our bikes.

I know there are way more fine bikes accessories in the market but if your budget constrains you purchase the one you need the most and take advantage of your hobby. 

Any mountain bikers out there that wanted to share their new purchase bike accessories? Just comment down below and I am excited to read them all. :)

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