Friday, April 28, 2017

Balenciaga vs Ikea Bag

I am a self-confessed sucker for bags! From purses to carrier bags I like them all. Well, most women I know love bags for whatever purpose it serves them. Personally for me bags are like my second-home that I carry along everywhere I go. Majority of bags I have are big tote bags, I have few that are a little expensive and I keep and use for special occasions. Bags needs to be useful and can maximize things you need to survive your activities on the certain day. 

This year our City is on full-implementation of no-plastic bags when you buy commodities and products in the market and from plastic use to paper bag transition people were a bit hesitant about it. We are encourage to use eco-bags and other reusable bags, so here goes another batch of bags I need to save for use when I go to wet market to buy produce or even buy grocery items. 

A good bulky and sturdy bag to carry all heavy items from the grocery is a must like the one I saw in IKEA page that people are raging about because of the similarity from a branded bag in the market. 

I am talking about Frakta, blue shopping bag from IKEA.
Image result for ikea bag size
Image result for ikea bag size
The good old washable, foldable and easy to store bag that can be use up for everything heavy when shopping. For less than a dollar you can purchase this bag, compared to the almost look-a-like from Balenciaga bag.

Image result for balenciaga bag vs ikea bag
photo from BoredPanda

IKEA Frakta bag of less than a dollar vs Balenciaga Arena bag of $2,145 ( a little over and above beyond cray!).
Now the question is, would you buy the signature brand or get the less than a dollar bag with the almost the price? 
For me if I can afford to get the signature brand why not? But, they say you can strutt fashion whatever cost your outfit would be, as long as I am comfortable and gives the purpose when using it. 

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