Friday, May 19, 2017

Uses of Vinegar in Everyday Life

Vinegar is one of the common liquids we can find in the kitchen. It has a distinct cloudy-white to clear yellowish brown color depending on the variety. The smell of a vinegar can be unpleasant, sometimes it is overwhelming with a pungent scent in it. 

There are lots to even hundreds of ways to use vinegar in every corner of our home. The purpose varies from cooking and cleaning and a small amount of this mighty and powerful liquid can make a big difference. 

I am listing some of my home and personal use of vinegar in my everyday life. 

  • You can always find a bottle of vinegar in a typical Filipino household which mainly used for cooking. Cooking with vinegar makes dishes last longer and will prevent from spoiling, a very good example is Adobo! Adobo can be prepared, cooked and stocked for days even without putting it in the fridge. Adobo became popular all over the world with the combination of salty, sweetness and a hint of a sour taste at the end of every bite.
  • Vinegar can be used as a cleaning agent. 

  1. It can remove stains in kitchen counter tiles- combine a teaspoon of vinegar in a basin of water and use it to wipe kitchen counter tiles.
  2. Goes well with cleaning your refrigerator- instead of using soap use the solution you made, it's a good and powerful deodorizer too.
  3. Cleans water stains in the bathroom faucet and shower handles.
  4. It can unclog kitchen and shower sink drains- by combining vinegar and baking soda solution fill-in your drain and leave it a few minutes to settle and rinse. Repeat the procedure every now and then.
  5. Coffee maker cleaner- hard to get those coffee stale and having that odd taste after brewing. Time to clean the machine by running a water-vinegar solution to it. I've done it several times already and it worked perfectly!

  • Vinegar became more even popular because of its health benefits. People became crazy about Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with honey and a brand was known because of its popularity. Well, for me as long as it is natural I can always say its safe, well, of course, taking it moderately is always the safest to go to.

Aren't we so lucky to have this powerful liquid around? It can make our everyday life easier, clean and healthy at the same time. 

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