Monday, February 6, 2017

Product Test: Ecocamel Orbit SoftWater A Shower Revolution

If I were to be asked on what part of the house would I consider the most relaxing area. 
I can instantly answer that the most relaxing area would be the bathroom. After a long day of work and other things needed to be done outside the comfort of your home, a relaxing bath would be the best thing to have. 
When I have time I can take a long shower no matter what time of the day, but a good refreshing quick shower just to refresh you can do just fine. Although a typical household structure here in the Philippines is not usually built with a shower in their bathrooms. A clean water from the faucet filled-in a pail with "tabo" or water dipper can be good too. But, as I noticed that kind of method to take baths, it consumed more than water needed from the water being spilled every full water in the dipper. 

In your household, do you keep track or notice how you consume water from taking baths? 

In the recent studies about climate change, one significant item we are experiencing right now is drought, a shortage of water due to abnormal low rainfall. It is being experienced roughly around the globe and most of the time tropical countries like the Philippines are greatly affected by it. 
What we can do to help lessen the cause of such? We can do little things such as conserve water consumption, where we can all start in our home.

I estimate a typical shower time for an adult would be around 8-10 minutes, but this will vary on your water supply and your installed shower head.

A couple of months ago I received a package all the way from the UK that contains one Ecocamel Orbit SoftWater showerhead for a product test.
The first thing I noticed from the package box that it was so light-weight. I was a bit concern when I was opening it but the showerhead was inside the box. 

Ecocamel Orbit A Shower Revolution

"The groundbreaking new Orbit shower head combines cutting-edge aesthetics with unbeatable performance. Its striking halo-shaped design has ten clusters of wipe clean rubber nodules in a unique ‘bicycle spoke’ pattern to provide a powerful and even spray." 

The unit they sent me doesn't come with the hose attachment but according to the details, it has a universal fitting.

I simply was struck with how innovative the design was and also intrigued with the soft white rubber nodules. So I needed to try it and see how it perform.

Since our bathroom was installed with a flat square shower head directly to the water tube, we improvised a shower hose just to install the unit. 

The showerhead doesn't have a regulator so the water supply will depend on a separate valve, also the water flow will depend on the water pressure you have at home. This was the water flow being shared with the washing machine water connection that was running at the same time. 

Water crisscrossing coming out of the rubber nodules. Since it is a hand-held shower having water coming out from it we normally think that it will gain more weight added to it, but still, it was easy to lift and handle. Giving you more freedom and access to use it freely. And, a super plus for me is the ergonomic and innovative design for a modern look.
A little noticeable thing from the product was the soft-vibrating, water pressure sound from the handle itself. 

I somehow made a comparison on the one installed in our bathroom and I had a good site on how we will be managing two showers if this new Ecocamel is installed permanently. 

We can install this Ecocamel Orbit SoftWater as an additional accessory in the bathroom for a hand-held shower. Once this is installed that is when I can figure out the water consumption and do a comparison. I will update this blog post with the item. 
Thank you Ecocamel for sending me a unit... I so love it! ;)

More product information below on how you can avail one and experience the technology of Ecocamel...making showers better. 

Ecocamel UK-
  • offer free shipping worldwide above £55.
  • 30-day money back guarantees
  • they are on social media, follow them and get the latest news on their products. 

Heads up!
Ecocamel team mentioned to me a promo code which I can give to one of my readers... exciting! 
Watch out for it in the coming days. :)


  1. There are few things as pleasant as a great shower. Investing in a good showerhead can really change your life.

  2. This sounds like a nice product. I have never heard of it. I can definitely use something like this. The soft-vibrating, water pressure sound from the handle itself sounds amazing as well.

  3. This looks like a cool shower head! I like that it helps save water:)

  4. I am looking forward to seeing your thoughts and the overall water consumption of the product in the very near future. The design of the product is quite beautiful. If it truly saves water, even better!!!

  5. I've never thought of tracking how much water we track in showers. I do, however, love the look of that shower head!

  6. Showerheads can make or break your experience.Every new place I move to, it's one of the first things I change.

  7. Its funny, I was just thinking that I could use a nice relaxing shower after my baby goes to sleep. That looks like a great new shower head and even better to cleaning little ones as a hand held unit.

  8. This looks like soemthing I can use. I am currently trying to find a good shower head with a softer stream than mine has due to chronic back pain.

  9. A shower head can make a big difference in how you feel getting out of one. Very interesting design and may be worth a try. Thanks.

  10. This looks like such a unique shower head there. It looks like a pretty great product. I will have to look more into it. I wonder if it would be better for my parents.

  11. I would LOVE to have this in my shower! Looks like a great shower head!