Friday, February 3, 2017

Childproofing your Home 101

Gearing up a home requires a lot of thinking and ideas. There are a lot of things to consider whether you plan to have a small or big family. 
When I knew I was pregnant with my eldest child I instantly inspected every room and corners of the house for child safety. It literally sunk to me that I need to keep our home child proof...most especially the baby's room.

I always believe that home is the sanctuary place that a family can dwell. It should be comfortable, clean, secure and safe to go around. Every room should be a friendly place for every family members. 

As a parent, we worry about the safety of our kids from strangers outside our home. But, we neglect that the biggest threat to our child's safety and well-being is our home. We can feel so overwhelmed with all the needed areas of our home to make it safe, but a childproofing checklist can help.
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Childproofing your home needs extra time to do. There are points to be considered from day one you submit yourself to this safety measure.

* Fast-forward: 
The minute you found out that your family is having a baby, locate the room for the baby when he arrives from the hospital after giving birth. Start from here. Equipped the baby's room with all the necessities where the parents can reach easily. Promote and provide adequate ventilation for the baby because the majority of the time will be spent there. 

* Baby crawling stage: go down on the floor. 
Make a baby's eye view, check below the drawers, electrical sockets and everything that sticks-out that the baby will later grab and hold. Clear the area.

* Walking stage: protect them from furniture and fixtures.
From the minute your child makes their first step you should have extra protection from all the fixtures and furniture at home. The edges and corners the baby can bump and pull everything in reach. Furniture is a common hazard.
Installing railings, check your window curtains and blinds ties.
Lock all cabinets that contain hazardous chemicals that are reachable. 

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If you find this task a little worrisome or tedious to accomplish you can always ask for professional help and make your home a child-proof ready when the baby comes home after giving birth. 

One material I find very easy to clean and ergonomic for a household is the acrylic plastic material. 
Simply Plastics materials and plastic products can do the job. An online supplier of plastic sheet, tube or rod that varies from color, thickness, and size. You just have to choose the size and material. Complete your order and they will deliver. They can assist you with what you need and create safe and fun memories around the house. 
On a side note, I love acrylic materials which I have on my dresser as my makeup organizer. I find it very stylish and simple and manageable to clean. 
From here you can adjust the need of safety in every growing up stage of your child. 

A safe home is a happy home.

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