Sunday, December 25, 2016

Featured Product: Tips on How to Season an Oster Iron Cast Pan

From our trip to Manila yesterday we got a set of new Oster cast iron frying pan from Handyman Store in Robinsons.

I grew up knowing this brand, from cooking ware and dining ware. I know a lot of you who loves to cook knows this brand very much.

I got this set on sale which made me decide right there and then. This three set of Oster cast iron frying pan originally costs Php 1295 and I got it for Php 906.50 that was 30% off!
I am so happy and excited for this frying pan set since cooking is what I love to do!

3-piece Oster cast iron frying pan

Pre-seasoned cast iron- heat and cooks evenly.
Optimal heat retention- for high-temperature cooking.
Pour- spouts- allow easy pouring.

Can be used for gas cooking, electric cooking, and oven-safe

Each pan is full-metal including the holder and they are so heavy! I tried this biggest size from the set this morning when I cooked egg and sausages for breakfast. The egg did stick from the edges of the pan but it got lessen when it turned for the sausages because the grease from the sausages helped coated the pan.

When I was done the cooking I googled more on tips on how to care for iron cast pan.
Since this is a pre-seasoned cast iron pan, to prevent from rusting every after use I need to use hot water and scrub it with salt. Some also recommend the use of liquid soap and scrubbing pad.

How to season a cast iron pan:
  • every after use make sure the pan is dry (towel dry or heat the pan in a stove in high-heat until water residue dry is gone) 
  • use a paper towel damped with corn, canola or any other oil available the entire pan from inside-out. 
  • place pan in an oven upside down and cook the pan in a heat of the oven until the oil evaporates. 
  • store cast iron pan in a non-damp space to store the seasoning process. continue the process of seasoning every after use. 
It makes consume much of my time in seasoning the pan but having a cast iron pan is an investment that can be pass on from generation to generation.

Oster, Legendary Performance, Designed to Last.

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