Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Time for Joy and Celebration

Depending on what you believe in, Christmas time may have a different meaning for you. But one thing remains the same: Christmas is a time for joy and blessings. Christmas is also a time for us to reach out to our friends and family and wish them a Merry Christmas.

One of the most famous ways we greet other people is by saying “Merry Xmas.” Not everybody knows what it means: now you will find out.

The “X” in “Xmas” is actually the Greek letter “Chi.” It’s the first letter of the word “Christ” in Greek. So essentially, “Xmas” just means “Christ”-mas.

Even though the holidays are right around the corner, 1-Hour Proofreading still continues to expand its network constantly. We couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas present than the opportunity to work with you.

The holidays may be the perfect time to rest, but we all know that work tends to slip through. Don’t fret. 1-Hour Proofreading is ready to assist you through any last-minute work that you need to get done this holiday season.

As mentioned above, Christmas is a time for blessings. 1-Hour Proofreading has received quite a lot this year. We figured it’s our time to give back. Enjoy discounted services when you enter the promo code below:

Happy holidays and we hope you enjoy!

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