Monday, December 19, 2016

Thinking of Getting Your Home Insured?

Sometimes what we own is not just the physical aspect of owning it. It is how you will take care of that something to last and make sure you are safe. That is my way of thinking when we are planning to get a new home after years of house rental.

I need to get my home insured!

Owning a house is a big task especially for the first timer like me. But, one has got to do it or else everything will not fall into places the way you wanted it to be.

There were a lot of considerations that I looked at before I finally decided to pick on, what is the best insurance agency to get. Consider your location, the number of family in the house, pets, and lifestyle. This also led me to check out Kodig. Their home insurance by place along with the cheap insurance quote. They gave the best list of places and links for home insurance agencies. 

Here are some of my questions on my list that were answered.

What home insurance provider you have? 
-American Family Insurance

How much did it cost? 
-$162 total premium

What you liked/don’t like about your provider? 
-They bill a month in advance.

What kind of coverage did you get?
-Basic coverage: 

Personal property- limits $16,000

Loss of Use- actual loss sustained within 12 months

Fungi or bacteria - limit $5000

Deductible- $1000 

-Section II coverage:
Personal Liability- limits $300,000 each occurrence 

Dangerous dog and exotic animal liability- limit $25,000

Medical expenses- $1,000 each person

What kind of home do you have? 
- Two-story house (4 bedrooms with 2 living rooms, 3 baths, and 2 car garage) 

How old, how large etc? 
- 2005 built and 2400 sqft

From the items above I would do some adjustments along with the increase of my premium. But for now, I am good with it. A piece of advice,

If you are planning or a new homeowner getting your home insured can get you to places safe and secured. 

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