Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Citrus Farms Calamansi Concentrate

During my weekend trip to Royal Duty-Free shop here in Subic Bay, we discovered this new concentrated drink product that is so perfect to have this season. 

Citrus Farms calamansi concentrate made from freshly squeeze calamansi mixed with honey and vitamin c. Since we love calamansi juice and recently calamansi fruit is very abundant and cheap on the market. You can buy a kilo of calamansi for only Php40 or less than a dollar. To lessen your time to squeeze every single piece of calamansi and remove the seeds too, you can rely on this bottled calamansi concentrate and get an instant calamansi juice with the choice of hot or cold to drink. 

In my Ellen straw cup I added about 3tbsp of the concentrate with cold water and ice, it was a bit sweet will be adjusting the amount next time. 
For the taste, evidently, it has the scent and citrusy flavor of the calamansi. 
We bought two bottles to try and each bottle cost Php180 ($3.68). 

Btw, a little brief description of the calamansi or the Philippine lime. It is a small, very round citrus fruit that is abundant in the Philippines. It is used when the color of the skin is still green. It has seeds in it which you need to remove when taking the juice out. Calamansi can be used as a food flavoring, in ice cream, meat dishes, pastries and even as an additive in soap. 

if you are into citrus juices you can try this and enjoy the goodness of calamansi in a bottle. 

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