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How to Revamp Your Garden and Increase your Property’s Value

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If you are thinking of selling your property soon, you will no doubt be considering the small and the big changes you can make so that your property sells.
The garden has an important impact on how well your property is perceived by potential buyers, creating the all-important first impression.
The good news is, you don’t have to rip out your garden and start again. With some clever changes, your garden can look simply fantastic and with these ideas from Rattan Direct, you can create an outdoor space that not only attracts buyers but allows your home to stand out. 
#1 Lawn edging
This may sound a little odd, especially if you were expecting ideas that took far longer to implement and at a great cost. However, there is no substitute for ensuring that the edges of your lawn are nice and neat. By doing so, you will only not create the impression of the garden being bigger, but prospective buyers will like the idea that the garden and the home are well-maintained. 
#2 Solve problem arrears with plants
Busy roads, overlooking neighbors, overly shady areas and more can all be disguised with some clever planting. Shrubs and trees make great wind and noise breakers, and for shady areas choose drought-loving plants to add greenery and interest. 
#3 Suggest a use for the garden
No matter how big or small your garden, you want to suggest to buyers how it can be used. For example, if your property is a family home, you want to show that the garden is ideal for children. You also want to suggest it is versatile and a great place to sit and relax. The use of garden furniture and accessories is the perfect means of doing this. Just as property experts will tell you that the interior of your home should be selling a lifestyle, so too should your garden. 
#4 Mulch
Mulch, along with gravel and bark, is the ideal spread across bare soil around and under plants as it suppresses weeds. It also adds a sense that your garden is well-maintained and looked after. Stay away from highly-colored barks and stick with the natural looking ones. 
#5 Limit plant species
If you are not much of a gardener, it can be tempting to spend an afternoon at a garden center, buying all kinds of colored shrubs and flowers, of all types and species. The problem with this is that once planted, it can all look a little jumbled.
If you are planting fresh plants specifically to sell your home and garden to prospective buyers, opt for similar species and group similar plants together. 
#6 Look after the lawn
Back to the patch of green, green grass… or is it? Bare patches of earth and yellowing grass is not a good look and frankly, can be off-putting to buyers.
If you cannot afford to lay a new lawn, buy in the services of a specialist lawn company that can feed and fertilize the grass that is there and makes it look lush and green. 
#7 Add color and form
On one hand, you may think that a blank canvas garden is an answer, after all, most people will want to put their own stamp on the house, its interior and the garden.
However, your garden can also be the aspect of a home that makes it welcoming. A few hanging baskets with pretty, colorful blooms, along with flowers and shrubs of varying heights in the border all add notes of interest here and there.
Potted plants also make lovely points on interest. Colourful pots stand out nicely without being overbearing. Bear in mind the color of the flowers and plants you use with the pots so that the colors complement each other. 
#8 Prune shrubs
Ever-green shrubs are perfect for any garden, providing all year-round color in the garden. As spring arrives, they shoot up and out in all directions and what was once a tiny shrub in the corner of the garden, is now fairly substantial in size.
The temptation is to grab the shears and prune it back to a shadow of its former self. However, this can leave you with a rather-straggly looking specimen and so say expert gardeners, prune back shrubs but be conservative. Prune them back in to shape so that they are in keeping with the other plants around them.
Your garden, with rattan garden furniture, accessories and sympathetic planting, will look delightful and could the factor that clinches the sale.

Rattan Direct is an online supplier of high quality and stylish garden and conservatory rattan furniture. They understand the difference a delightfully landscaped garden will make to a home.

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