Friday, September 2, 2016

Pond's 50% Off Big Beauty Sale + Glam Bath Soap Mini Haul

Yesterday was the start of Pond's Big Beauty Sale. It will run until the fourth of September or until supply lasts. After office work yesterday me and my daughter went to SM City Olongapo to check the sale on Watsons branch. Around 6pm last night some Pond's items that was on the list of sale run out of stocks already. 
Night creams were a hit leaving the counter already empty, though there's a sales personnel assisting the customers who were inquiring with the on-going sale. 
I did ask the rep if they will restock some items for customer like me can avail some. The branch will be requesting another batch of orders to meet the demand she said. 
Though the item I was aiming to buy was missing last night I did buy my second best in my list, plus some bath soap from Glam.

1-bottle of Pond's Flawless Lightening Day Cream SPF 18 PA++ (original price Php299, got it for Php149.50)
1- tube of Pond's Flawless White Whitening Expert BB Cream in Light shade (original price Php299, got it for Php149.50). This is my current BB cream along with some drugstore CC cream for finishing.
1- tube of Pond's Flawless White Whitening Expert BB Cream in Beige shade (original price Php299, got it for Php149.50). I picked this shade to try on since the light shade when applied makes one more shade lighter than my skin. I think my shade is in between this two shade. I might have to combine this shades when I use it.

I also got there Glam Milk with Papaya and Placenta with Aloe Vera anti-aging whitening bar soap that came with a free soap in a pack. Php49.00 for each making it Php24.50 per bar of soap. 
I always grab this brand when I visit Watsons, not for the whitening purpose alone but how the soap feels fresh after every use. I love the scent too and price is really a steal. 
I love to use this in every long shower at night and on weekends. Last night I opened the placenta with aloe vera bar and it was so refreshing!

Going back to the Pond's products I bought. Evidently, this product brand catches the Filipino skin type plus how affordable it is. We've been using Pond's for years now and now my daughter shows interests and being conscious with her skin. I am teaching her to try on some Pond's products I have in my storage. Over the years I have not experience any negative side-effects of it, that is why it has my approval for my daughter's skin. 
I'm glad I was able to avail some from the sale yesterday, but I will still check on Watsons Harbor Point branch today or tomorrow and will get some more. One is not enough since this can last for months. 
Where you able to get your Pond's stash from the sale yesterday? You still have three more days to purchase... so hurry! See you at the store! :)

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