Thursday, July 14, 2016

Roof Top Pool + Mongolian Dinner Buffet Weekend

A few weeks ago before summer season ended here in the Philippines, we took the chance to spend our weekend with sun, water and food.

We were given a free passes to use the roof top pool at Best Western Plus Hotel Subic. The pool is open to walk-in customers and free of use to hotel guests. 
For Php300 ($6.40) you can avail the use of the pool and half of the amount can be use as food and drink consumable over at their snack bar.
We went there Saturday afternoon, it took us less than  10-minute taxi ride coming from SM City Olongapo to Best Western Hotel, the taxi cost Php80 ($1.75).
We arrived there around 4:30 in the afternoon with a few guests of kids and adults using the pool, kids were enjoying the cool breeze and sun covered by dusky cloud ready to set in the bay. 
You can find one big pool and a kiddie pool plus a jacuzzi for their pool amenities. Customers can find two open shower area with shower curtains and three toilet cubicles. They also have a bar and a bartender to prepare your drinks. The pool has a life guard too. Customers can ask for pool towels which they provide for each swimmers.

Since the hotel restaurant offer everyday buffet merienda for Php149 ($3.17) and Mongolian dinner buffet for Php349 ($7.43) we decided to take the dinner.

It was Mongolian buffet that night and we are somehow pleased. 

Make your own taco corner. Taco shells and beef taco filling. 

Burritos and Quesedillas

Taco sauces and lettuce shreds and diced tomatoes, also some prepared pasta plates which diners can request. A choice of red and white sauce pasta are available.

Choices of pork and chicken kebab

Cooked noodles and white rice

Assorted vegetables to choose for your Mongolian mix

Choices of pork cutlets, tofu, chicken breast slices, beef strips, shrimp and squid.

Variety of sauces to mix in to your Mongolian bowl. I chose the seafood with sweet and spicy combination.

Chef in charge with your Mongolian rice and one who is in charge with the kebabs beside him

Seafood soup and unlimited iced tea and water for drinks 

The dessert was not the appetizing to look at and yep even the taste too. It was dull and everything is cake base dessert. No fruit offered that time which is a little disappointing. The salad corner offered a limited option of shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper and a couple of salad dressings. The most unexciting corner of the buffet area.

To start up, I had a bowl of hot seafood soup which was very tasty. And for the main course two bowls of Mongolian mix, one seafood and one beef and chicken.
I love the taste and how it was cooked nicely specially the meat in it. They kept it tender and juicy.
I also had quesadillas and burritos and unlimited of the pork and chicken kebab.

The kids enjoyed their buffet meal excluding some of the food they did not prefer to eat. The boy had three bowls of different meat, sauces and spices. Kebab, tacos and burritos. The girl had a little less than what her Kuya (older brother) had. 

To compare with the Mongolian buffet I had a couple of years ago this one is a little better, the only downside of this was the salad and dessert station. I hope the restaurant can make improvements and adjustments for this station in their buffet. I would visit and dine here again if this happen.

We paid for our meal with additional 5% for service charge. Thank you Best Western Hotel Subic for the free use of the pool! :)

Would also love to make a review of the accommodation and other amenities of the hotel... maybe next time! :)

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