Monday, July 11, 2016

8 Tips for Better Work-Life Balance

As a working Mom of two teenage kids time can be very demanding at times. There are times that I cannot attend both of the PTA meetings scheduled on the same date and same time. There are times not only myself got frustrated but my family members too. But I tend to manage through time with these practical tips I later on mastered.

8 tips for better work-life balance:

  1. Set Goal- a person needs to set goals. Goals are where you are heading. It will define you as someone in the community and also for your personal achievement. 
  2.  Plan and Prioritize- write down ideas to plan and identify major parts of it that needed accomplishment. This will bring out the part in your self where you can strategically organize simple to the most complicated things to happen.
  3. Time management- when priorities are established allot specific time to finish a certain task. Do not drain yourself to one task that will make all your listed items suffer along with the way.
  4. Communication- open the line of communication to people around you. To your boss, co-worker and especially your clients. This is how you will go through your day-to-day working hours and will help you navigate the line of communication to your members of the family.
  5. Technology- Keep abreast with technology. Technology will help you educate yourself on the latest trends and learn possible ways to make your work-life balance. Do not be a slave and let technology control you the other way around.
  6. Decline- it is not a sin to decline offers. Appointing you to a position at your kid's PTA can be a handful. You can say NO anytime because you know for sure that it can hinder you to work on with more important tasks needed. You can always give support.
  7. Recharge- Plan holidays and long weekends with family and friends. 
  8. Reward your self- not only physical things but also keeping your mind and body healthy. Find time to have that adequate rest and sleep. Your mind will be delighted to work the next day.
Whatever your career leads you, you just need to follow a certain list that will go through your everyday life easy. 
As they say, life is never easy but to maintain a work-life balance is always attainable. 

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