Friday, July 22, 2016

Home Cooking: High Protein and Low Carb Beef Zucchini and Pea Dish

Home cooking takes only a few minutes of your time whether it's for lunch or dinner. Plus you will benefit a lot like: it saves you money, very economical, clean, healthy and you can add and twist the flavor according to your taste.
During my weekend market, I was able to stock up some ingredients for tonight's healthy dinner.

Here is the simple recipe you can make in less than 40 minutes.

All you need:
  • 2-whole zucchini cut into bite-size (Php25/$0.55)
  • 1/4-kilo pea (Php45/$1.00)
  • 4-cloves garlic minced (Php3/$0.06)
  • 1-whole white onion chopped (Php5/$0.11)
  • 1/2-can Hunt's diced tomatoes (Php40/$0.85)
  • 1/2-Monterey ground beef (Php111/$2.37)
  • 1-tsp black ground pepper 
  • 2- tbsp cooking oil
  • laurel leaf
  • salt or fish sauce to taste
  • pinch of cumin powder or any spies you like to add
Total cost: Php250/$5.35
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 25-30 minutes

How to cook:
1. Brown ground beef in a stir fry pan with oil, garlic, onion. 
2.  Add 1/2 Hunts diced tomatoes, stir
3.  After 5 minutes season the ground beef with bay leaf, crushed ground pepper, and fish sauce to taste, stir and let it cook for another 5 minutes.
4. Add zucchini slices then the peas, stir fry and cook until tender.

Here is the finished dish for tonight's dinner.
You can have it as it is or some crackers or a bowl of cooked white rice. But, since tonight is a low carb dinner for me I had it as is.

Any zucchini recipe you have and can share?
Scroll down at the comment section below and I'm excited to try the recipe! :)

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