Friday, May 6, 2016

Shawill Make-Up Premium Mineral Blush on Sale!

Are you that adventurous when it comes to makeup brands? Nowadays, it is so hard to pick a cosmetic brand that will suit your skin in relation to sensitivity and how it will blend to your skin that will look natural.

Last time I went to the mall with my kids, we dropped by Watson's store. Checking out some new items display and of course some sale product brands. I stopped and checked on Shawill corner and they have items that are on sale as high as 75% off. 

Eye shadow palettes, eye liner pencils, BB creams and some blush in three shades were on sale. Though the items were limited I took the chance of getting even a single item just not to miss the sale. 
My first choice was Shawill earth tones 4 shade eye shadow which they don't have any more stocks I can buy. My second choice was this Shawill make-up Premium Mineral Gentle Color Blush.
The box packaging looks so elegant in gold and tan color which made me, even more, decided to get one.
Shawill make-up Premium Mineral Gentle Color Blush- Golden Rose Powder #3.
It has the newest formula for smoother and more natural looking cheeks. With colors for any skin tone, this blusher helps you look more natural and radiant. It also adds vibrancy to your face with its'lasting color and natural effect!
Shawill Gentle Color Mineral Blush originally priced at Php350.00, I got it for only Php87.50.
That is 75% off the original price.
This is the inside packaging, a carton covering the compact case.
When you open the flip carton you will see the golden nude compact case of Shawill Premium Mineral Powder Blush.
It has a silver sticker as a seal for the pop-up compact casing.
The black rectangle is a push-button that releases the compact mirror and the blush casing.
This is what's inside the compact casing. A mirror, blush powder and a powder blush brush. 
The blush powder also has a clear window covering to protect the powder blush from dirt and another foreign object. This is the mid-shade color that was available under the 75% off sale items of Shawill. 

I have not used this powder blush color yet, I will make another review about this and will link this blog post once it is up. 

I love getting items on sale, it saves me money with the items I wanted to have, What were your latest bought items on sale? Were you happy about it? Hit me up on the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading!

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