Tuesday, May 3, 2016

GivingAssitant.org Site Review


A Site Where You Can Shop, Share and Earn Cash Back

I came across this site GivingAssistant.org while I was browsing to my blogroll feed. Giving Assistant offers cash back every time you purchase through their site. Thinking that this site only gives back to customers? No, every purchase made they donate one meal to Feeding America. I am deeply touched by what GivingAssistant.org offers, giving back to the community is a selfless act nowadays people or company can do. 

I have several accounts to online shopping sites and most of them do really offer cash back or an incentive type of earning. Some also create an affiliate type of program which I never tried before. In GivingAssistant, you shop while giving back to the community plus one amazing part is it is also a source of a good earn money online site.

Here is a simple instruction on how to earn money here. First, sign up for Giving Assistant  Everyone you refer gets $5 cash for signing up. Once they earn cash back you get $5.There is no limit to the amount of cash you can earn through referrals.

Successful transactions and cashback reviews of Giving Assistant can be viewed here.

This coming Mother's Day I am eyeing some pieces of Forever21 accessories which I know my sister-in-law and my Mom would really like to have. And, coupons are available from Free Shipping up to 30% OFF on sale items plus a 5% cash back rate. This will come handy with your next purchase. 

After Mother's Day come next to a celebration for the man in our lives our fathers. My father is not that hard to find when it comes to presents. A new pair of New Balance shoes which he loves the brand so much. I found this New Balance athletic shoes which offer a 20% OFF the price and a free ground shipping. And, you know what? It offers a 3.5% before and now it doubled up to get the whopping 7% cash back! 

I will also include a backup plan with my purchase, I good 50% OFF on Michael.com apparel crafts which he can use this summer when he works in his favorite place in the house, the garage. 
With the half, the price off I can also get a shop cash back of 4% in my account!
I will make my parents happy and also the kids that will benefit with the FREE MEAL for every purchase I will make through this AMAZING site. 
A win-win situation!

I can't wait to earn money here to help out my charities here in the Philippines especially this coming school year where school kids of less fortunate cannot afford to buy the basic necessities such as footwear and clothing. In the past years, I was able to join to some of the community services that my friends organized. 

We were able to buy 1,700 meters of reinforced water hoses that were connected to the main source kilometers apart from Sitio Timak, were children and elders need to walk to get a potable water they need for drinking and cooking. Alongside, we also gave the children new pair of slippers to protect their feet while walking through the steep and rugged terrain of the mountainside. They were able to use also those slippers to go to school.

After that year, we also visited an underprivileged Aeta community of Bagong Silang, San Isidro Zambales which composed of elders, mothers and young kids. In this community, the simplest human necessity lacks, from water, food, and shelter. Kids depend on rainwater to sustain thirst and hunger. 

As a mother, I always feel sad by the situation where kids cannot have food to eat, a decent and comfortable shelter for them to go to. This goes all over the world were deprived kids go hungry- a worldwide problem. Thanks for Giving Assistant for coming up with this program to offer food for the hungry. We need to support this kind of advocate where little things can go BIG to someone who is in need. 

For more information check out Giving Assistant about page here

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