Sunday, May 15, 2016

Enjoy Globe Rewards Points in Exchange to Bench Merchandise

One of the best things, when you go shopping, is when you can use up your reward points!
We have been a Globe postpaid subscribers for years now and I can say that our relationship with this telecom became sweet and sour. From the low-signal bandwidth to slow internet connection was one of those. 
But, when bad side came up at the time there is a good side as well. One of our postpaid accounts accumulated points from the payments made for several months and redeemed it for a Bench merchandise to pay less from the original cost.

Bought two Bench collared white shirt for the man. Since it's summer here white shirts are the best color to wear and he can use these also for work. 
Bright Bench white shirt with blue collar priced at Php499.75
Bench all-white collared shirt priced at Php399.75 
The total was Php899.50 less the Globe Rewards Points of Php116, we paid the remaining amount of Php783.50. 

If you have Globe rewards points and want to use it for Bench merchandise, all you have to do is select an item to purchase at Bench. Upon check-out inform the cashier that you will be using the Globe points so she can let you know if they are accepting it. Well, most of the Bench store do accept this kind of payment. You will need to send the points to their designated phone number. No centavos for points transfer is allowed. Once you get the confirmation text that the amount was transferred to that Globe number the cashier will then deduct the amount to your total. The customer needs to pay the remaining amount. 

So, earn up those points and use it for clothing, cinemas and fast food chains... yes, you heard me right. Buy food, clothes and enjoy a movie using Globe rewards points. :)

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