Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What To Do in Puerto Galera for the Weekend

Tree pose in Puerto Galera
Inspired and coached by Ate Amy.

We were again treated for a weekend/ over-night adventure now in the South of the Philippines. This was our second adventure with her this month of May, our first that I have on a queue for blogging was our adventure Mt.Pinatubo trip last May 1st.

Our Puerto Galera tour started with a night-stay in Tivoli Gardens in Mandaluyong where Ate Amy resides. We left Olongapo, Friday afternoon and reached Tivoli Gardens past 9pm. We took Victory Liner bus bound to Pasay,  the traffic was okay in NLEX but when we reached Manila the usual slow traffic was felt. When we reached SM Makati taxi line going to Mandaluyong and other route area was long. We waited for an hour for a taxi ride, once we got a ride it took us 30 minutes to reach Tivoli Gardens with Php100 taxi fare.

Our host Ate Amy prepared pancit, spaghetti, fried chicken, beef stew, pizza and beer. 
A couple of hours after dinner we prepared our bag and took a snooze for the next day trip which was scheduled at 4am. Our group consists of 11 people with "us" two and Ate Amy's friends.
We left Mandaluyong around 6:30 am a little late from our scheduled departure, took a tricycle ride, two jeepney ride and DLTB bus headed to Batangas Port Area in Batangas City.

The port area was crowded with people in line for tickets and a lot of annoying fixers who sells and offer different resort accommodations and water activities in Puerto Galera, even porters were there too. Those people will follow you from the time to take off the bus up to the inside of the port ticketing area. A man followed our group up to the comfort room area which makes it even more annoying. The security outside the port allows this kind of people, even them mentioning to us to be careful. 

In the image above we were waiting for our Ate's who was on the far left buying tickets for the group. This is only the portion of the people who were inside bustling for tickets before they can go inside 
Comfort rooms outside beside the ticketing office will make you not to go. Too small cubicle, no tissue paper, not enough light, it's stinky and the floor was slippery. But, if you can handle to wait to go inside I suggest you must hold on to that nature call and go inside.I  didn't have time to roam around the inside of the waiting station after we passed by the baggage x-ray machine after tickets were checked. 

We were inside the waiting area around 9:45 am and we were bound to
board Minolo shipping at 11:45am. We took the last trip for that day which was kind of stagnant to wait for two hours there. But, a personnel approached us and all of a sudden we were chance passengers already, boat fare was Php500 two-way. We boarded at 10 am to Puerto Galera.

Inside the Golden Eagle V, this can hold 65 passengers in one trip but the inside was too compact and too hot.
Bangkeros mostly kids asked for coins and food from the passengers while we were boarding.
A mother and a child who was given a plastic full of bread, starting to feed her son with it.

The sun was up and bright, the water was cool and calm.

From the port of Batangas to Puerto Galera the boat ride took us 65 minutes, we were then dropped off and paid Php50 each for the environmental fee. A private vehicle that was included in the ship fare picked us up brought us to White Sand Beach.

Around 12 noon, we met "Pastor" who will be the one assisting us to find a place to stay. He recommended a place but Ate and the rest decided not to get that place because it was too small for a group of 11 people with only one bathroom. We then walked back to where we came in and to go to the next place to stay. Passed by Dream Wave Resort, which was finally decided to booked the group for the rest of our stay.

We went hungry from the travel, the group decided to get lunch few steps away from Dream Wave. I need to check the photo on the other iPad to include here also the name of the eatery. I and Tay were kind of disappointed with the food they serve. It is pricey and the food taste sucks! While we were eating in this crowded place it started to rain, rain started to come inside the eatery, made our things wet because the floor sipped rainwater from the outside. 

We head back to Dream Wave the minute was done eating leaving a bad experience of the food served.
It again started to drizzle when we went outside to swim. We were on the beach with the crowd of people, that I was amazed how many people go here in summer. 
We have so many beach resorts here in Subic that goes up to Zambales area, which I made a comparison with White Beach. 

Swimming + sand play photos 
This was the portion of the trip where I can't include photos because the underwater camera we were using to take photos and videos got lost and all our photos from the afternoon swim were gone too... memories na lang! 

Here are some photos sunset photos from the iPad after we stroll around the beach.

Selfie with a full face on! lol
Behind me was Dream Wave Resort.

That orange sky!
Rainbow after the rain

I and Tay went for a walk to check on things and other happenings going on on the other side. It was all food stalls, food with almost the same being offered from group meals amounting to Php 900 up, and food ala carte ranges from Php150-299, body massages Php300, henna tattoos (cover up tattoos Php 1500) and hair braid services for Php 200.00. Souvenir shops are there too, you can get shirts, blouses, rash guard, boardshorts, cap, swimming goggles and snorkeling materials too. Make sure you have enough budget for this because it can rip off your budget, really! 

Entertainers such as fire dancers, singers, and videoke machines are the popular things to watch and to do during the night. 
We head back to the hotel and met up with the group for dinner. This time dinner was ordered in Dreamwave. Some had their preferred food while we got fried calamari, grilled squid, and rice for dinner. Same thing... food was bad and pricey. 

We went to our room which was a double bed that can occupy four guests which were around 9pm.
We decided to sleep as we were tired from the previous days before this trip. We need energy for the next day activities.

The hotel accommodation comes with a free breakfast. We got up around 6:30 am and took a photo of the morning in Puerto Galera.

The beach was already busy and people starting to pile up in the corner where shops and food stalls are located. 

The breakfast scene inside the Dream wave restaurant became chaotic when the kitchen and food staff wasn't able to organize the advance breakfast order. I was amazed how they can't organize a breakfast when they offer it. It seems that they did not plan the next day breakfast service to their guests when they gave breakfast tickets an as headcount. 

It took them more than an hour for a pancake to be served, informing guests that they don't have brewed coffee when they got your order on the first hand. The food was sloppy, cold and no good!

We finished breakfast and left the hotel for the schedule water activities. 
Rode a tricycle with a market away from the beach resort, paid Php10 each person for that ride. There we rode another boat that covered Php 2,700 for the ride for 11 passengers. We were followed by three small motorized banka. From where we stopped after 45-minute boat ride we were offered water activities that cost Php100 per activity per person. 
Snorkeling in the coral garden, fish feeding, and underwater cave exploration. We paid extra Php300 each for the total of three additional water activities. Island hopping was included in the initial payment. 

We were then taken to this island to spend the noon for lunch, there were a few stalls of nipa hut that offers set lunches. The group availed the Php 1,900 peso meal that serves for 11-12 people.
Grilled bangus, sinigang na bangus, grilled tilapia, pork chops, grilled chicken, side dishes of eggplant plentiful amount of rice and salted eggs + two 1.5 liters of Coke and one order of leche flan for dessert. 
Some of us ordered additional drinks and delicacies like fresh coconut Php 100.00 and a live sea urchin Php 100 each. It was prepared taking of the spikes, opened the shell and dropped with kalamansi juice. 
I tasted a piece of the sea urchin and I am not a fan of it. It tasted too fishy leaving a strong aftertaste.
But, I am glad I did try it... curiosity checked! 

After that hearty lunch, we left the island and went to this another island a few minutes away. We were then brought to this island to dip in the clear waters, we were the only ones there that time and we owned the beach for a few minutes. We took photos and videos that soon to be uploaded here. 

We went to the resort before 3pm and showered, got our bags and head to the farthest far of the resort we got our boat ride going back to Batangas. 
If you are from Manila the travel will take you 4 hours only. Since we're from Olongapo it took us 7-8 hours of land travel. 
Thanks to Ate Amy for bringing us to Puerto Galera and experience the fun weekend.


Thursday, May 19, 2016

Avon Cherish Eau de Parfum Instagram Prize

Avon was so generous with their giveaways and promos all across their social media sites. 
A few months back when I claimed my Avon Sheer Passion -Simply Tempting spray cologne when I won their Instagram promo. You can check my blog here. when I featured it and made a review about it. Today, I am making another Avon prize post which was from last month's announcement.

Avon gave 100 bottles of this new line of fragrance to their fans over at Instagram and me and three more from my family won.
Avon Cherish 50ml Eau de perfume, it was described as Floral fruity woody. A tender floral scent with a heart of jasmine sambac, precious musks, and creamy woods. Like a warm embrace, it lasts all day long.

I got the two bottles for myself, and the other two for my mother. She opened a bottle to test and she gave me a not so favorable feedback about the scent. I guess the scent is not a match for outdoor that gives a strong musky scent which my Mom described it.

I had a second thought of opening one bottle and try it for myself, but still my curiosity sets in.

I decided to bring it to work and use it there since I am indoors most of the time.

I am wearing the scent now and yep it works fine indoors at a cool temperature.

The scent is nice and sweet leaving a musky floral scent too.

Avon Cherish Eau de perfume in a 50ml bottle, you can get a bottle at Php 699.00. The box is a square shaped container with a touch of peach-orangey tinge on the side plus the word Cherish. 
The bottle perfume image is down below, a clear glass bottle and a plastic cover and with the gold sprayer with Avon word printed on it. The perfume liquid color is light brown. I love the sleek and gorgeous looking design of the bottle which makes it look elegant in your dresser. And, yeah based on the smell it will really do work fine when indoors. I have been using it for a week now and I am loving it. Curious about the product visit you Avon representative now and get a bottle and enjoy the scent of Cherish.
Thank you, Avon Instagram page for the four bottles of Cherish! :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pacific Blue Anti Radiation Lens Eyeglasses

When is the perfect time to get eyeglasses that can protect your eyes from long exposure to radiation? 

" There are many definitions for hazard but the more common definition when talking about workplace health and safety is: A hazard is any source of potential damage, harm or adverse health effects on something or someone under certain conditions at work."

My exposure to radiation emission is almost every day, it comes from laptop and computer emitting radiation and to include the tablets and mobile phones that can be a source of it.
Lately, I have been experiencing eye tiredness, watery eyes, dizziness and vertigo like symptoms, and with a hint that my quality of vision are now compromised. Although I know it's a little late for me to get prevent this eye problem... I still went to the prevention side and will worry for the next, if I really need to get those prescription eyeglasses.

I was reading a thread on one of the Facebook group I was in and the topic was how to take care of your eyes especially when your job is related to the freelance job and other online jobs. This will really require you to spend hours and hours of radiation exposure.
One suggested and recommended anti-radiation lens eyeglasses, which he also got for himself as prevention. 
I included it to my list of things to get in the mall, and luckily I was able to get one last night.

Pacific Blue Anti-Radiation Lens Eyeglasses.
  • Lenses are coated with special metallic compounds coatings on BOTH sides that PROTECT your eyes from RADIATION and other ELECTRO-MAGNETIC emission coming from TV and computer screen monitors.
  • Help reduce eye fatigue and eye strain.
  • Advisable for people with prolonged exposure to computer and TV screen monitors.
After trying out different shapes and sizes, I decided to get this wayfarer type of frame which fits my face shape and size.

I got the dark brown colored frame and it's light-weight, which most of us will like. It gives you that feeling of not wearing anything for your eyes.

Pacific Blue anti-radiation lens eyeglasses are priced at Php 349.75, I got a 20% off at SM City Olongapo because of the back-to-school class discount. The discount surprised me, I only paid 
Php 279.80 for it. 
The eyeglasses come with a hard case in blue color with a pink zipper around it, plus a soft blue colored pouch with Pacific Blue logo and print on it. and also a piece of dust towel for cleaning. 

Another great deal I got plus it will prevent my eyes from more damage in radiation exposure. 
I guess I will be getting a couple of pairs for my kids too especially for my College boy. 
I wore the anti-radiation glasses today at work and this is what it looks like on me.
What do you think?

Monday, May 16, 2016

I Pay Less for Shoes from PAYLESS!

I don't know about you but when I am shopping for shoes I feel elated and even more stoked when I get to buy shoes for less than the original price. 
I rarely buy shoes but since it was Mother's Day I was given a pair as a gift. Between the option of a new top, I chose to go for a pair of shoes. Since I was up for buying a new one which I can use for walking to work, it was the best time.

I went to Payless shoe store at Harbor Point Mall and our shoe sales man that time was so nice to introduce us these awesome pairs for me and my daughter M. 
My previous Payless shoe shopping was this Dexflex by Dexter which until now I am using. 
Scouting for pairs of flat shoes these are the ones that passed my criteria based on the comfort, price, and material.

A pair of Christian Siriano for Payless, flats, brown color with gold chain accent in size 9 for me.
City Sneaks sneaker shoes in pink with white rubber soles and white shoe laces in size 9.5 for my daughter M. Yes, she has a bigger shoe size than me at 11 years old.

Christian Siriano for Payless sleek and elegant design and color, best for dress pants and simple dress and skirt for the office.

The inner sole has a double cushion padded material that supports the inside when worn. 
Original price for this pair was Php1,250 and I only got it for Php375.00 only.

The outer sole was rubber and the size indicator plus a patent number and the brand Christian Siriano for Payless.

The clean stitches and the choice of the material were well constructed and matched.

See how soft and cushiony the inside of the sole plus it has a light-weight material making this pair so easy and comfortable to wear.

City Sneaks pink sneaker shoes for my daughter M.
We got these pair for half the price Php 347.50. 
I was planning to buy her a new pair a week ago when I saw her favorite rubber shoes starting to worn out. Plus, her having a plus size shoe sizes that sometimes we are having trouble to get one pair that she will really like. This one passed her criteria for sneaker shoes.

It's a simple bright pink colored sneaker shoes which are very different from her old one which is black. She looks so girly wearing this but she seemed to like it.

The polka dot design of the inner sole with cushion. 
Overall, we like what we got for this shoe shopping. I love it when we can get to buy shoes for less than the original price and the design and material we like. 

Did you get a new pair of shoes lately? How was it? Share it in the comment section below, I would love to read your shoe happiness. :) 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Enjoy Globe Rewards Points in Exchange to Bench Merchandise

One of the best things, when you go shopping, is when you can use up your reward points!
We have been a Globe postpaid subscribers for years now and I can say that our relationship with this telecom became sweet and sour. From the low-signal bandwidth to slow internet connection was one of those. 
But, when bad side came up at the time there is a good side as well. One of our postpaid accounts accumulated points from the payments made for several months and redeemed it for a Bench merchandise to pay less from the original cost.

Bought two Bench collared white shirt for the man. Since it's summer here white shirts are the best color to wear and he can use these also for work. 
Bright Bench white shirt with blue collar priced at Php499.75
Bench all-white collared shirt priced at Php399.75 
The total was Php899.50 less the Globe Rewards Points of Php116, we paid the remaining amount of Php783.50. 

If you have Globe rewards points and want to use it for Bench merchandise, all you have to do is select an item to purchase at Bench. Upon check-out inform the cashier that you will be using the Globe points so she can let you know if they are accepting it. Well, most of the Bench store do accept this kind of payment. You will need to send the points to their designated phone number. No centavos for points transfer is allowed. Once you get the confirmation text that the amount was transferred to that Globe number the cashier will then deduct the amount to your total. The customer needs to pay the remaining amount. 

So, earn up those points and use it for clothing, cinemas and fast food chains... yes, you heard me right. Buy food, clothes and enjoy a movie using Globe rewards points. :)

Friday, May 6, 2016

Shawill Make-Up Premium Mineral Blush on Sale!

Are you that adventurous when it comes to makeup brands? Nowadays, it is so hard to pick a cosmetic brand that will suit your skin in relation to sensitivity and how it will blend to your skin that will look natural.

Last time I went to the mall with my kids, we dropped by Watson's store. Checking out some new items display and of course some sale product brands. I stopped and checked on Shawill corner and they have items that are on sale as high as 75% off. 

Eye shadow palettes, eye liner pencils, BB creams and some blush in three shades were on sale. Though the items were limited I took the chance of getting even a single item just not to miss the sale. 
My first choice was Shawill earth tones 4 shade eye shadow which they don't have any more stocks I can buy. My second choice was this Shawill make-up Premium Mineral Gentle Color Blush.
The box packaging looks so elegant in gold and tan color which made me, even more, decided to get one.
Shawill make-up Premium Mineral Gentle Color Blush- Golden Rose Powder #3.
It has the newest formula for smoother and more natural looking cheeks. With colors for any skin tone, this blusher helps you look more natural and radiant. It also adds vibrancy to your face with its'lasting color and natural effect!
Shawill Gentle Color Mineral Blush originally priced at Php350.00, I got it for only Php87.50.
That is 75% off the original price.
This is the inside packaging, a carton covering the compact case.
When you open the flip carton you will see the golden nude compact case of Shawill Premium Mineral Powder Blush.
It has a silver sticker as a seal for the pop-up compact casing.
The black rectangle is a push-button that releases the compact mirror and the blush casing.
This is what's inside the compact casing. A mirror, blush powder and a powder blush brush. 
The blush powder also has a clear window covering to protect the powder blush from dirt and another foreign object. This is the mid-shade color that was available under the 75% off sale items of Shawill. 

I have not used this powder blush color yet, I will make another review about this and will link this blog post once it is up. 

I love getting items on sale, it saves me money with the items I wanted to have, What were your latest bought items on sale? Were you happy about it? Hit me up on the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading!