Friday, April 15, 2016

The Day We Decided To Rescue A Cat!

From my last recent post about our weekend with our mountain bikes, I almost forgot the last part of it not until I browsed some photos on our mobile phones. 

Around 7:30 that morning we head back down from El Kabayo to Harbor Point Mall. We decided to get some coffee and pandesal (local bread) at BreadTime. Pandesal was not available that time, we sat in front of the store and cool down and wait for some time for another breakfast restaurant to open.
Then, I was shocked when this male white cat came out from the back of the piled monoblock chairs facing us. 

He was dragging his lower part of his body using his two front legs. 
As I saw it, The lower part of his body was damaged and crushed.
I assumed that since the location of this bread house is surrounded by parking areas of the mall, he was run over by a vehicle on a night time. 
The cat probably took shelter under one parked vehicle then didn't notice it was leaving the area.
This is only my assumption. 
If this really what happen, I hope that the driver knows and was aware of it, 
an intentional accident?
My first thought was how is this cat surviving such damage to his body. 
From the looks of it, major organs for digestion were damaged.

I asked Tay if there's an office here in Olongapo or inside the SBFZ were we can contact for them to pick up the cat. 
He recalls this office inside the Freeport called WIN (Wildlife In Need) Rescue Center. 
He took some photos using his camera phone and decided to report it to the center the following day. 
Though the center only caters rescue of wildlife animals I asked him to give it a try. 

He called the center Monday morning and he was instructed to bring in the cat to the center for 

WARNING!!! This post contains some graphic photos. 

This was the photo of the cat from that morning that we saw him.

He looks so sick and in so much pain.

With a little struggle, the cat was placed inside a box for transport.

With the help of Kuya driver and Tay they transported the animal to the center.

WIN Rescue Center - Subic Bay Freeport Zone

They reached the center and showed the cat to the personnel on duty.

The staff on duty that time was on the phone with the veterinarian and he was describing the cat's physical condition.

With further description and added instructions, the cat was left in the custody of WIN.

Honestly, I was a bit of hopeless if the cat will survive based on the first time I saw the animal.
I lost hope at one point.

But, up to this writing, the cat is still alive in a cage and started eating since it was turned over to the center.
It shows continuous progress which I am happy about. 
To the staff and doctors of WIN rescue center, thank you for extending your service and help!
I will keep this blog updated on this cat's condition in the coming days. 

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