Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Amazing Life Hack I Made Last Weekend!

When I was a little younger, I got hooked into collecting silver jewelry. I find it very simple and also affordable. I like gold jewelry also it can double up the value in time. I have quite a few silver pieces in my box separate to the few pieces of golds I have.

So, this cuff bracelet was once my favorite piece to wear, it is simple and very light-weight when you wear it, And, also the chain that serves as a connector between the middle of the cuff when you open and closes it to wear. It is silver so you won't have a hard time to combine and match it with your outfit to wear. 
Not, until it got tarnished. Silver jewelry can change color and tarnish because of some reasons, one is the body sweat, second is the chemicals that touch the item like cologne or perfume. Include the weather which may contribute to the tarnishing of the piece.

When this bracelet reached it tarnishing level, the whole piece was covered with black discoloration. My apologies for not taking the before photos of it, which I completely forgot. So, I kept this cuff in the box and wasn't able to use it for years! 

Not until last Sunday when my daughter was browsing youtube videos and was amazed by clips about life hacks. She then encountered this one page that I am very thankful for. 
Life hacks with your favorite accessories. 
The list went on and I was amazed as well. Then this stuff came in, how to clean your silver jewelry using KETCHUP.

Dub on some amount of ketchup on a cloth and rub it on your piece of silver jewelry which I did, after 15 minutes of doing it, the tarnished color was fading. I repeated the process for another 15 minutes until I reached the point I got satisfied. 

This is the cuff bracelet now, good as new!
Now, that is an amazing life hack that cost me a little using some ketchup lying on the kitchen counter.
I am not into searching more life hack ideas which I definitely use in the coming days.
I wore this piece yesterday for work, paired it with my Timex dress watch.
Any life-hack ideas you can share me with that I can use? Hit me down below in the comment section, I hope this one can help you. :)

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  1. Such a great hack! I love stuff like this. Tweeted out to share with my readers!