Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My DIY Hair Color Using Lolane Pixxel Color Cream in Burgundy

After months of having my hair color and my roots are starting to show off including some additional gray hair. I knew it was time to get my hair colored again. I normally do my own hair when it comes to haircut and hair color. Rarely I seek professionals to go to the salon and have my hair fix. 
First, I know how to cut my hair straight most of the time, and DIY my hair color. It's like watching videos on how to do it and reading the inserts in the hair color box.

I discovered this hair color brand Lolane Pixxel at SM Supermarket. I decided to purchase it because it is way cheaper than the other brands and giving it a try really.
I chose a burgundy color just to accentuate hair color and for a change and gray covering purpose.

Lolane Pixxel hair color cream in Burgundy Php 128.00 only.

It has directions at the back and on the side on how to apply and other instructions you need to know.

It contains the cream in the tube and the bottle cream developer which you need to mix in a plastic cup using hairbrush applicator.

I wasn't able to take photos of the hair color mixture but the cream became purple in color when mixed.
It has that hair color scent which gave a stain on my hair towel when I was drying my hair with it. 
I showered my hair applied hair conditioner afterward. It has been a week now since I applied Lolane Pixxel hair color cream. 
And, today I was able to take a photo of it when I had a photo earlier for the graduation pictorial at work. 

It really did cover strands of gray hair and it made my hair shiny and noticed how it covered-up my old brown hair.
I will repeat my hair color before the summer end and might use this brand again.

Can you DIY haircut and hair color your hair like I do? Share me some tips I can learn and add. 

Thanks for dropping by!
***This is NOT a paid post. The product was bought using my own money. 

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