Monday, April 11, 2016

Prizes from Kids Company Online Toy Store #onlineprizes

Last February I joined this contest on Kids Company on Facebook. There was a question there to answer regarding how do I love toys from Kids Company. After browsing website I saw the latest trends on toys and other kids stuff. 
And, guess what? I was one of the lucky winners out of the five lucky joiners.
Our prize was Php2000 each worth of toys which we can order online.
After several online communication with the Kids Company team, they gave me a code which I can use upon check out.

After creating an account, my daughter M was so excited to select toys and have it on my account cart. Sadly, there were conditions though when using the prize code. Only regular items can be used to purchase.
That's why we needed to change all the initial pick my daughter did. Up to the time, the toys available were not the ones she wanted. I told her to pick anything just for us to claim and before the prize code expires.
After a week and decided to check out, encoding of the prize code had some errors. The code is not working when checking out. Informed Kids Company staff up to the point they were the ones who accessed my account just to finish the transaction.

I paid Php400 for the shipping and a little extra of Php29 for the excess amount from the total through Paypal payment.
Overall, the process took me six weeks from the time of announcement up to the delivery of the toys we ordered.
Here are the toys we got from the Kids Company online store.

4 pieces of toys from Kids Company, here are the breakdown of each toy and their prices:

1- piece Hot Wheel toy car Php 129.75

1- box of Moustache Smash- Php 599.75

1- Kinetic Sand Neon Sand 6oz. Php 499.75

1- Kinetic Sand Brown Pack Sand 2lbs. Php 799.75

The Kinetic Sand Brown color is the most expensive of the 4 toys we ordered, and it was the least I want for my daughter to get. Just for the process of this gift certificate and the least of the toys, we can get... we have no choice really. 

My daughter M opened this brown Kinetic sand and she enjoyed playing with it, the cons having this at home is the room floor and the living room floor feels so sandy even M keeps on sweeping the floor. 

Thank you Kids Company for the gift certificate! 


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