Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Weekend with Our Mountain Bikes

It is so hard to go back to your regular routine when you spent your two day weekend doing things you love to do. 
Last Saturday it was an official holiday April 9, because of Day of Valor which is celebrated yearly. Since we had our mountain bikes last month, we make and find time to use it and because it is summer it was the perfect timing.

April 9, Saturday. 
We hit the road going to Subic Bay around past 5 pm and reached the bay area near Vista Marina Hotel and Lighthouse hotel to witness the sunset. we were there early. 

Our newly acquired MTB. Not so expensive once but it is serving the purpose well.
{ Voyager and Marzana }
We are starting to gear these babies and soon we can upgrade to a more define mountain bike that we really need. 

sunset around 5:15 pm
April 9, 2016

We moved a little going to the other side around 5:30 pm and the clouds were starting to cover the great sun.
It was windy and humid at the same time. 
Tourists and locals parked their private vehicles near the stage of Boardwalk enjoying the time with nature.
It was a good sunset to witness although I have seen more of this sunsets in the same location from the past. 
We left the location and scouted for a restaurant to have a snack and early dinner for me.

We tried out this restaurant near the Boardwalk.
Chopping Board

  My first dibs to this restaurant, and knowing myself 
I tend to expect more than what I think of a restaurant. We came inside the restaurant with a couple of customers almost leaving the store.  

Cafe Americano Php 65.00
Served with no cream, we did ask for cream after a few minutes upon serving the coffee.

Chopping Board cheese burger Php 180.00
I don't like the taste of the burger, too oily and poor quality of beef patty.
The burger buns taste poor and the presentation is as dull as those slices of tomatoes in the photo.
It is too pricey for the price.

Penne Pesto Pasta with roasted breast chicken fillet Php 150.00.
The pesto sauce taste bland, and nutty taste from the pine nuts which is the main ingredient in a pesto sauce. I don't want to conclude that the sauce they made were from a powder base or a bottle base pesto sauce. If it does that would be the reason for the bland taste.
The service was poor, they did not serve water for customers we asked for a glass of water in the middle of our stay. 
For the food pricing, I find it too expensive and also the taste and the amount of serving.
The inside of the store is cool and well ventilated.
If I would want to come back here... I might think several times. 

April 10, 2016- Sunday.
We planned to go biking and check out the sunrise going to the SBFZ airport. 
Left home around 5 am and reached the Starbucks-Puregold crossing around 5:30 am.
We rerouted to the left going to EL Kabayo Horse stable.
This is how beautiful is El Kabayo every morning.
A little cast of sunlight glared upon each tree and the smell of wood and the grass feels the earth's moisture.
Not to mention the breezy feel as we rode our bike upon entry. 

Got to have the selfie with my bike :D

my dirty mountain bike tire

Tay took some photos of me I can use for my social media sites. I had this one as my profile picture on Facebook.

So lovely how the trees cast shade for us. 
Us in sweaty clothes and flared nostrils haha! 
We left the stable and rode a few more leading to El Kabayo waterfalls.
There we took a stop at the entrance of the waterfalls. 
We will surely come back here one weekend and will take more photos of the place.

I am turning 42 this year and biking is one of my "fun" thing to do, aside from so many things. This activity helped me physically, mentally and emotionally when I was trying to lose weight years ago and it is never too late to go back. I get to sweat while I enjoy nature. I appreciate early mornings and hours of sun to set. 
I am not aiming for that sexy, masculine and flat stomach chic. My goal is to enjoy and be healthy as I numbers are increasing. :D
More of my fun and exciting bike rides in the future. Oh btw, as I was writing this we are set for another bike ride this afternoon after work... exciting! :) 

Whenever you're near Olongapo and see us biking shout out and say Hi! 
*** Check out my newly created FB page dedicated to all Pinays all over the world who love to ride their bikes. Pinay Mountain Bikers. The page is new I will update as much as I can whenever available. 

This was how our weekend was spent. 
How was yours? 

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