Saturday, February 20, 2016

Prizes from Firefly Lighting, Thank You!

Last month I was one of the lucky winners from Firefly Lighting Facebook page Like, Post, Share and Win. 
They gave out trivia questions for their fans to answer and from the pool of entrants they picked out winners. From major to minor prizes they sent our private messages and tagged the lucky winners.
I coordinated the claiming of the prize with their page admin since I am too far from the location where prizes can be picked up.
Good thing there's ACE Express store here in SM Olongapo where Firefly lighting staff sent in the prize for me to claim. 
Check out the loot bag I got with all the cool stuffs in it. 

Thank you Firefly Lighting for these cool items... major prize! 
  • 1- Firefly bulb designwall clock
  • 1- Firefly LED Camping Lamp
  • 1- Royu color blue water bottle
  • 1- black messenger bag
  • 1- color blue umbrella
  • 1- reusable Firefly canvas bag
I liked everything in the loot bag specially the LED camping lamp which we tested right away and it can light-up the whole room.

Firefly LED series- 24 LED camping lamp that can light up to 15 hours.
It works with just a touch button to power on and off, plus the light can be adjusted to maximum to minimum light. The lamp is so light-weight and I love the color too! 
My daughter M can't wait to use this on her next GSP camping.. soon! 

My son hanged the Firefly wall clock right away after he placed one double A battery in it.
I kept this blue water bottle for future use. :)
Additional blue umbrella we can use in the future. 

Thank you Firefly Lighting for the items you sent me, More power!

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