Sunday, February 14, 2016

How I Celebrated My Valentines this Year

When the month of February sets in most of the people denotes this month as the season of LOVE... the Valentines.
Back in my childhood days Valentines was always in the school calendar, and those cut-out cupids and hearts in red colored cartolina papers were the popular Valentine decor inside the classroom. I saw one window display last Friday when I was walking home from work and it did brings memories.

For this years Valentines Day, I was treated like it was my birthday!
It started last Friday when I was surprised to see a new home computer chair I was wanting to have. 
Last, Thursday night the man heard me complaining about my my aching back right after I finished doing my blog and my online stuff. I checked on an online shops and saw some computer chair I wished to have. 
The following day I already have it set-up in my table, plus it can also be use as my dresser chair, the multi-functional chair. 
This ergonomic computer chair comes with the arm rests, a not to bulky back rest in blue color ( i have not removed the plastic cover yet), with adjustable height too. I covered the seat with my old cotton scarf which you can see. I wanted some print in it that's why. 
Overall, this computer chair is just perfect, the one I wanted. 
Thank you Tay for this gift of comfort this hearts day, i liked it! 

Yesterday afternoon after my nap, I was surprised by my Angel. He told me that he will go out for a few minutes to buy something at SM supermarket, he'll be back right away. 
And, when he came back he surprised me with this dozen of Oreo cupcakes as his Valentine present for me ( what a way to wake up from a afternoon nap with all smiles on my face ).  He ordered from a friend from his football team who bakes. I love this kind of surprises from him.... goodjob Anak, I imagine the "lucky girl" in the future... not next year ha, ayaw ko pa haha! 
I made coffee paired with this and some pandesal and butter for our merienda.

And so last night as a pre-Valentine treat, we went to Sam's Pizza for some nacho chips, chicken in a basket, my frozen margarita, coffee and chocolate shake for the daughter plus a couple of band who plays regular there. Kuya did not come with us as he went to meet his friends for dinner.
At the strike of 12 midnight my daughter M handed me this Valentine card she prepared when I was at work.
The thoughtful M, as always! 
I love you anak for the effort and the kind, super sweet words you said. I appreciate it! Thank you for helping Mom with everything. #somuchlove

It's Sunday morning and I am glad that this morning it started relax and quiet. I woke up a little late than my usual, had coffee and some pandesal for breakfast. Load up some laundry to finish while I do this blog post. 

Today, is such a lovely day to celebrate Valentines day with your loved ones. It doesn't have to be that fancy and extravagant so you don't have to force yourself to give someone what you cannot afford to give. Spend time and enjoy that time together is the key to everything.

I prepared some tea and cupcakes from last night. 

Teavana Flavored White Berry Basil Blast + Oreo Chocolate cupcakes for mid-morning snack while I blog.

My Ma gave me this pouch of loose Teavana Berry Basil tea last week.
have some?

Later tonight, we will hear the afternoon Mass and will end our day with a dinner reservation we made for the family.
How did you spend your Valentines?
I hope you're having a good one too... just like what I am having.

Happy Valentines To You All! :)

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