Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Greenwich Very Cheesy Macaroni Prize was a Letdown! #VeryCheesyMacaroni

2:13 pm- February 12, 2016
A few minutes ago, I received a call from the store manager of Greenwich Pizza-SM Olongapo where I received the prize. Just last night they received the report which I placed on Greenwich Pizza Facebook page. Mr. Jovs apologized for what happened and assured that they will investigate on what happened and assure that the standards will be met when it comes to their food items. He also thanked me for the feedback... making them aware of the incident.
He also offered a half pan of the macaroni and a pizza to compensate on what happened. I requested for it to be delivered at my parents house...for it was really meant for them. 

Thank you Mr. Jovs of Greenwich Pizza, SM Olongapo and will definitely visit the store for our next pizza meal :) 

Back December the season of merriment, gift giving, promos and the most favorite part of an online contest savvy... giveaways. 
The very popular pizza and pasta chain in the Philippines- Greenwich Pizza held an online giveaway over at Facebook and Twitter, which highlights there pasta dish Very Cheesy Macaroni. Winners will get a FULL PAN size of Greenwich Very Cheesy Macaroni each.

Fans of their social media pages where given the chance to answer their sort of 12 days of giveaway with the hashtag #VeryCheesyMacaroni. As I've mentioned earlier as a contest savvy in me I joined by completing some easy tasks, luckily I was one of the winners from the Day5 announcement. Actually I won at their Twitter and FB on both Day5 (2x the grin and the excitement there). 
The announcement made gave us winners instruction to PM them to get the instructions for claiming.
I did mention that my name was tagged twice from both Twiiter and FB and asked the FB admin if I will be getting two... but the question was not answered ( i let it be and assume it's one prize only per winner).
See photo below of the prize and the marketing photo Greenwich Pizza used for the said promo, the festive and merry looking macaroni pasta.

*** photo grabbed from Greenwich Pizza Facebook page.

After a couple of exchanged private message conversation regarding the claiming of the prize over at my preferred Greenwich Pizza branch. An electronic coupon was sent to me with my name and some details too. see photo below.
I immediately print out the e-coupon for claiming and informed Greenwich Pizza admin that this prize I got from them I planned to give it to my parents for their wedding anniversary. The admin sent me a wedding anniversary greetings for my parents. :)

Last Sunday February 7, I dropped by Greenwich Pizza- SM City Olongapo with the printed e-coupon and my identification card.  From the cashier in duty which I presented my e-coupon and id, I was forwarded to the store manager which I really forgot her name. She validated my e-coupon clarifying if I joined the contest... I said, yes. She asked for my id and told her I will ask my son to claim the pasta around 3pm that day, giving the store five hours to prepare it. She acknowledged it asking the name of the person who will pick-up the prize.
Before I left the store I asked the manager, "How many servings yung full pan macaroni?, She said "10 servings po". Then I left the store already. After a few minutes I got a call from the store manager and requested for a photocopy of my Id later for pick-up, she said they need it as their reference. I provided the copy.

My son went to the store to pick-up the pasta before 3pm and he waited for 45 minutes more before the pasta take-out was given to him. He saw that the cashier punched the item amount of P750 at their POS machine, then he left.

At my parents house, we opened the box of the pasta prize and to our disappointment we saw this.
A thin layer of macaroni pasta! 

It doesn't even made it to the half portion of the tray, it was so thin that my initial reaction was.
"Eto ba yung P750.00 na #VeryCheesyMcaroni kapag bumili ka?" 

Scooping the thin layer of macaroni to show how Greenwich SM City prepared my prize.

It was realllyyyy a letdown! The pasta I was thinking to give to my parents for their anniversary that 10 people can share was a disappointment. Even my son asked, if how much does it cost if we cook and prepare this pasta dish at home... will it cost the same amount of P750?

Greenwich Pizza specially Greenwich Pizza- SM City Olongapo management, was this an intentional act on your part because this was only a prize from your promo? Intentionally serving a portion of what a regular customer would buy for P750 of a full pan size Macaroni pasta? 

Or, this is what a regular customer would get if one will order this dish for take-out? If, so I WILL NOT ORDER AND BUY! This is too much, marketing strategy sucks on your part! 

To be fair and not to sound bitter over this experience. Greenwich Pizza admin on FB was informed about it and they replied that they will forward my concern immediately.
I will be waiting for their response about this matter. 

I will update this blog post once I get an answer from them. 

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