Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Surprise Pantene Goodies from Belle de Jour

Pantene #DoItAllHair #DoItAllBellaPantene's New Pro-V Core Active formula
penetrates deeper into the core and gives you STRONGER,SHINIER hair inside out!
With stronger, shinier hair from core, you can DO IT ALL.

I am a fan of Pantene hair care line, from shampoo to conditioners especially this Pantene PRO-3 minute miracle conditioner. It really works wonder and the tagline 3-minute miracle says it all. 
For the past several weeks I have seen this Pantene set all-over my feed on all my social media accounts with the campaign #DoItAllHair, #DoItAllBella.
Yesterday, I received a package and what's inside these lovely bottles of Pantene! 
  • 1-70ml Pantene PRO-V Shampoo
  • 1-75ml Pantene PRO-V Conditioner
  • 1-70ml Pantene PRO-V 3minute miracle Conditioner

I have tried and tested the product some the sample tubes and bottles I got online and also from my purchases from stores and supermarkets. 

Definitely a hair care line that matches the Filipina and Asian hair type. Compared to other brands of hair care in the market, Pantene is a little expensive, their shampoo and conditioners can be bought in single sachets if you are on a budget. For this tubes, I received it can last for a week, plus it came with a reusable white zipper-mesh bag. I am excited to again experience the miracle of Pantene. Thank you BDJ and Pantene!

Have you tried this Pantene hair care line, especially the 3-minute miracle? What do you love about it? Hit me a comment below and let's share the experience with Pantene. :) 

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