Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Foss Coffee To Go!

Coffee has always been a hit beverage for me and my son, as for my daughter sometimes I allow her to take a few sip just to taste and be familiar with coffee taste. 
There is a new coffee stall inside Harbor Point mall that named Foss Coffee. It's a to go coffee stall that serves ice blended coffee and ice blended cream.
All their blended drinks are priced at P55.00 each.
There was a line of people ordering for their drinks when we went there and we got our orders around 15-20 minutes.

We've tried the Caramel Machiato, Java Chips and the Chocolate Chips. 

All the drinks we ordered was too sweet to taste, specially when the ice melted. The coffee taste was just right, I was expecting more caffeine taste but the sweetness over powered the taste of the coffee. 
My kids did not finish the whole cup because they complain the same thing. 
I guess the time I visit the store I can request to lessen the sugar syrup if possible. 

Check out Foss Coffee
Harbor Point Mall-Subic
2nd floor of the Activity Center. or to any of their 60 branches nationwide. www.fosscoffee.com

***this is not a paid post, the drink was purchased by me. 

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