Friday, February 3, 2017

Women in Antique and Vintage Jewelries Online

What is the difference between antique and vintage jewelry?

Antique jewelry are those jewelry crafted for more than 100 years ago, while vintage jewelry are sets of jewelry that was designed for a specific era or a year. Jewelries of such are not available in multiple pieces or vast production. Having distinct qualities and craftsmanship a pieces of jewelry can be custom made and be personalize too. You can ask your jeweler to engrave or emboss your jewelry and mark it solely to you. 

From a simple to most elegant and lucrative pieces of jewelry you can find in the market every pieces serves it purpose to anyone who wears it. From the past years jewelries signifies stature in the society. It also serves as payment and reward back in the olden times. Bartering commodities and supplies in exchange to pieces of jewelries which in some part of the world practices this tradition. 
Women are the ones being associated with jewelries, maybe because it enhances the women's physical appearance when she wears a piece of jewelry. Or maybe the tradition calls for it. 

In my personal opinion, jewelries are worn to signify certain mood that makes her boost confident and walk in vibrance. I like wearing jewelries. I invest on some good pieces which later on can be pass down to my daughter as an heirloom. 
With thousands of design, style, color and sizes, a woman can surely choose a pieces that will fit her personality. Jewelries are the best gift you can give to family and loved ones because it never fades and can be a unique treasure too.

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Here are some of the pieces I have worn in the past and still have them in my box. I picked jewelries based on its elegance and style. Sometimes having pieces in as simple as can be but adds the purpose of having and wearing them. I normally wear basic jewelries like earrings, a ring and a necklace for an everyday look, but when I go out for party and gatherings I like to wear a little something special to go along a simple and plain outfit by enhancing the look and style.

My latest collection that I bought was a set of rings which I got from a physical store last Christmas. There are times that I browse online for some designs and pieces. Yep, the technology of going online to search for jewelries is just a click away. 

If you are looking for a unique and only one piece design of jewelry check out Berganza they specialize  in antique and vintage engagement rings. They have the widest collections of rings which we can choose from.
I spent hours and hours looking at their collection and never got tired of every piece I saw. From pearls, to diamond up to the different stones you can possibly think of. I like how they display each piece with a given description and background of a certain style will depict the category of the jewelry. 
Amongst all I am in love with the emerald cut diamond ring it is simply wow!
I hope you can find something that you are looking for in a jewelry. Let me know what are your favorites in their website and leave a comment below, I'm excited to compare notes with you. :)

Remember this: A woman can never have too many jewelries in her lifetime.