Thursday, January 4, 2024

Our new Samsung 55" 4K Smart TV I paid for 90 pesos in cash

55" Crystal UHD CU7000 4K Smart TV (2023) 

***This online display TV unit is now sitting in our living room! ;)

Back story:

Mid last year our 4 year old TCL Smart TV malfunctioned and totally broke. We tried to have it repaired but the costing was high and decided not too. So the non-working TV was on display on the wall haha! For months we didn't have a functional tv and been watching movies using our laptops and cellphones. 

Not until before Christmas, I decided to upgrade a notch or two by it replacing it with a different brand, a more higher resolution and specifications.  Out of the brand choices, Samsung brand stood out along with the price and added functions. First time owner of this brand for a television.

Samsung 55" Crystal UHD CU7000 4K Smart TV (2023)

It has an amazing color setting because of the Crystal Processor 4K, vivid colors- PurColor, high-dynamic range- HDR, and the Smart Hub feature is on point, plus it can be use for Google Meet- can make video calls on big screen, and a lot more! So happy with this purchase. 

So the big story for this purchase was, I bought this for 90 pesos only about less than 2USD in cash. 
The rest of the payment was gift certificates from brands and companies! 

Those are payments made by brands and companies for my services such as blog posts, social media posts and gifts from them too! 
Thinking of it, I did spent half of it before I decided to make this purchase. Some of it was used for home, groceries, food and essentials and some where given to family and friends as gifts. 

Again, thank you brands and companies and I am looking forward to more collaborations and campaigns with you all this coming years. :) 

Check this TikTok video I made during the purchase. *wink* 

@bitsenpieces Thank you brands and companies! we got a new TV from all the #Sodexo gift certificates you gave me. 😉 💕 #bitsenpieces #newyearnewyou2024 #2024 #welcome2024 #newyear #newyear2024 #NY2024 ♬ Happy New Year - TonsTone


  1. Your strategic use of gift certificates from collaborations with brands and companies is a brilliant way to make such a major purchase.

  2. We need an upgrade too and I live the Samsung products going to be comparing this one. Thanks for your great insight on this.

  3. You got an amazing deal! I'm jealous. That TV is fabulous. We need a new one.

  4. That looks like a nice tv. My husband would love how big the screen is.

  5. It's always nice being able to buy things with certificates and such. Looks like a great TV too.

  6. That is so great that you were able to use gift certificates for hard work to purchase a TV! Our TV went out mid last year as well and it's not fun having to replace. Enjoy your new TV!!

  7. Oh my goodness, what a great way to use your earnings to benefit the entire family! Congratulations on your brand collaboration success too! Any tips?

  8. Girl I do that too!! I love saving up that way for luxury items that I wouldn't normally buy.

  9. That screen is so flat! I thought that it was a wall painting at first glance!

  10. Now that sounds like some nice quality! I've been in need of an update for a while now.

  11. Wow, congratulations on your new Samsung 55" 4K Smart TV! It sounds like a fantastic upgrade from your old TCL unit. Samsung TVs are known for their excellent picture quality and smart features, so I'm sure you're in for a treat with your movie nights!

  12. It's a nice TV and it's great that you spent your GCs buying it.