Wednesday, January 3, 2024

365 of my Year 2023

It's the third day of the new year, so how was the first couple of days on your end? 

My first two days was somehow relaxing, though I did a little cleaning in the kitchen and tidy up some clutter it was relaxing still. I did not participate in any Facebook group discussions, work and personal related, haha! I kept my mind at peace from the social media scenes. 

But, I did update myself from what is happening around the globe. What struck me was the Japan earthquake on January 1, with 7.9 magnitude- that was big and scary for the first day of the year. Next was the airplane caught on fire- A Japan Airlines plane carrying hundreds of passengers caught fire after a collision with another plane at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. 

Amidst all the chaos and happenings happening around the globe let's start the new year with a prosperous one. Let's keep hustling and productive.

Sharing my ten second 365 of my year 2023 with all of you, courtesy of Capcut editing app template. :)

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