Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Had My Ear Pierced Again After 48 years!


After 48 years, I finally decided to get another ear piercing that I had been desiring for years! 

My mother, who made the decision on my behalf, got my first ear piercing when I was a newborn! In fact, it was on my bucket list from the previous year, and I had one before my birthday in December of last year. 

Ocampo's jewelry store in Harbor Point, Ayala Malls is where the piercing was done. I chose the star pattern from the earrings they had for sale in the display cabinet, and the piercing was free. It was done using the gun piercing technique. And, in just second, my ear had an added earring! So cute! 

Things you should know about ear piercing

A method for adding jewelry to any portion of the ear is ear piercing. This method was used centuries before us and up to this day. Getting your ears pierced can be done in a variety of methods. Although getting an ear piercing is easy and safe, there are rules to follow. 

How to get your ears pierced. 

1. Select the area of your body where you wish to wear earrings. 

2. After sterilizing the ear portion, the technician will mark the location and apply a needle or gun there. 

3. Similar to what was done to mine, the piercing gun makes a popping sound and takes a moment to work. And, that's it! 

I experienced no pain at all, and anesthetic is not necessary for ear piercings like the one I got. There was no to minimal bleeding present. The technician gave me instructions on how to take care of my piercing while taking a bath, including cleaning and washing it, patting it dry, and applying the gel that came with the earrings I bought from them. 

It may take some time for an ear piercing to heal because the area is exposed where the earring is inserted. Without taking out the first earring that was inserted, it took more than a month for my case to fully heal. I still wear it today, and I have plans of changing out to a loop earring for something new so my left ear will have that cute accent look.  

So, would you have your ear pierced again? 

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  1. I'd be too scared. I had them done as a kid and panicked then to the point where I refused earrings and my holes closed up. However, my daughter has two holes in each ear!

  2. I had my ears pierced way back before I was a teenager, and had a really painful experience with them. You didn't even flinch in the video though -- makes me think I should give it another shot 👍

  3. Wow, you're so brave!! They look so good it makes me want to get my ears done too!

  4. I have mine pierced, but I'd like to get some more done on my ears, especially on top. I use to have them done on top, but ended up taking those out years ago.

  5. I haven't had mine done in years on my ears. I wonder if they'd still hold earrings.

  6. Glad you didn't have a nightmare experience! They look gorgeous!!

  7. So cool and I am proud of you! I had mine done when I was a young kid.... not sure how I would do not that I am older but would like a 2nd piercing myself!

  8. That's a cute second piercing, it looks good! I don't think I would have another one done, I'm happy with mine as they are!

  9. I had mine done when I was younger. However, I developed a metal allergy and can only wear good. I gave up and mine closed.

  10. Congratulations on your new piercing! It's wonderful to hear that you've accomplished something from your bucket list. I admire your courage for doing this after such a long time!

  11. i did get my nose pierced last year for a tiny ring and have not been brave enough to change to something else yet

  12. I had mind peiced as a child and the wholes grew closed. It is great that you got your ears pieced after all these years.