Monday, September 25, 2023

Tales of Lost Luggage and Travel Mishaps

Have you heard of stories of lost luggage and travel mishaps? Have you experienced it yourself?

Well, this is the one thing you wouldn't want to happened when you travel abroad. Alongside of this lost luggage stories are the delayed flights, and other unwanted events that can lead to stressful travel experience. 

Unexpected travel plans are the most exciting travel one can have. Whether you pack for a night or two essential belongings and valuable items should be checked in the bags. For me, I have my go-to-travel bag that I always check and restock from time to time. Adding a few other necessary items depending on the location I will be heading to. 
Always consider having a travel medical insurance to ensure that you are covered in any unplanned overnight stays or lost checked bags. 

If you’re a digital nomad or frequent traveler, I have to recommend SafetyWing’s travel medical insurance. 
SafetyWing cover $100 per night for hotel costs due to travel delays and up to $3000 for lost checked luggage.
Coverage works in more than 185 countries and you don't have to share a travel itinerary ahead of time!

You can check and calculate the product below and purchase. 

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